Filming in Sicily, June 2018

In June 2018, we continued filming the story of the Irish Brigade’s journey from Algiers to Austria with the third part covering the Sicilian campaign that lasted 38 days during July and August 1943.

Over the course of six days, we travelled to the south eastern coast south of Syracuse where the Irish Brigade came ashore and traced the route of the brigade’s fighting advance from Centuripe to Randazzo and then to Patti where they rested for 3 weeks and finally onto Milazzo on the north coast of the island where they embarked for the Italian mainland at the end of September 1943.

Click on the titles below to view additional photographs from our filming visit to Sicily.

Day 1 – Bay of Ognina to Vizzini.

Ognina Bay.





Day 2 – Catanenuova to Centuripe.

River Dittaino bridge near Catenanuova.


Road from Catenanuova to Centuripe.


The approach to Centuripe.

Day 3 – From Centuripe to the Simeto river.

From the cemetery in Centuripe looking westwards.


The old River Simeto road bridge.


From the Simeto river area towards Centuripe.



Day 4 – From the Simeto river to Maletto.

North of the Simeto river.


From the Maletto area looking towards Etna.

Day 5 – Patti/Milazzo.

The view from the beach at Patti.


The port of Milazzo.

Day 6 – Catania CWGC Cemetery/Primosole.

Catania CWGC Cemetery.


North of the Simeto river near Primosole.