Filming in Italy, May 2019

In May 2019, we continued filming the story of the Irish Brigade’s journey from Algiers to Austria with the fourth, fifth and sixth parts covering the campaigns on the mainland of Italy during the period from October 1943 to June 1944.

Over the course of ten days, we travelled along the Adriatic coast, to the Apennines, over to Monte Castellone and then crossed the Gari river south of Cassino, moved onto Rome and finally north to Sanfatucchio overlooking Lake Trasimene. We were joined during part of our trip by David Marshall, whose uncle served with the Irish Brigade in Italy, and were especially delighted to meet our friends, Alessandro Teti in Castel di Sangro, and Alessandro Campagna in Cassino.

Click on the titles below to view additional photographs from our filming visit to Italy.

Day 1 – Campobasso/Termoli.

Convent at Campobasso where 2 LIR stayed at Christmas 1943.


Sunset at Termoli.

Day 2 – Trigno/Sangro rivers.

Trigno river south of San Salvo.


Sangro river valley looking west towards the Apennines.

Day 3 – Capracotta/Montenero/Castel di Sangro.

View northwards from Capracotta.



Day 4 – Caira/Castellone/Monte Cassino.



North of Monte Castellone.


Abbey of Monte Cassino.


Monte Cassino from the west.

Day 5 – San Angelo/Congo bridge/Piopetto/Sinagoga.

San Angelo in Theodice from across the Gari river.


Site of Congo bridge across the Gari.


Piopetto stream.


Casa Sinagoga.

Day 6 – San Oreste/Citta della Pieve.

Monte Soratte.


Citta della Pieve.

Day 7 – Panicale/Sanfatucchio/San Felice.



Belltower in Sanfatucchio.


San Felice church.

Day 8 – Ripi/Strangolagalli/Roccasecca.

View eastwards from Ripi.


The road from Ceprano to Strangolagalli.


St Thomas Aquinas in Roccasecca.

Day 9 – Rome.

Barbareni Palace.


The Spanish Steps.


The Vatican.

Day 10 – Piumarola/CWGC Cemetery.



British Embassy commemorations at Cassino CWGC Cemetery.

Day 11 – Farewells.