This Week in the Italian Campaign

This Week in the Italian Campaign provides  weekly and chronological account of the Italian Campaign from September 1943. Each episode includes:

  • A factual account of events that week 80 years ago in the campaign
  • Interviews with historians and experts about the campaign.

Click on the link to see each episode:

Episode 1. Introduction to the Italian Campaign. Why the Allies invaded Italy and the Italian response.

Episode 2. The Armistice of Cassibile in September 1943. Historian Giulio Poggiarino joins the show to discuss the background to the Italian government’s decision to end the war and switch sides. 

Episode 3. Mussolini escapes and the Allies land at Salerno. The guest is Dr Felice Vitale in Sicily who has been leading memorialisation of the campaign in Sicily.

Episode 4. The uprising in Naples in September 1943. The guest is Richard O’Sullivan, assistant to the curator of the London Irish Rifles Museum in London.

Episode 5. Operation Devon and the Capture of Termoli. The guest is Gavin Mortimer, specialist in special services.

Episode 6. The Battle of Termoli on 4-6 October 1943. The guest is Marco Altobello, curator of the Campomarino Museum and expert on events in the Adriatic Campaign.

Episode 7. The crossing of the Volturno River in October 1943. The guest is Frank de Planta, an expert in the Italian Campaign.

Episode 8. The advance to the Trigno River valley in October 1943. The episode covers the deportation of Jews from the Ghetto of Rome, the evacuation of the Abbey of Monte Cassino, the transfer of Allied troops to Europe and the arrival of the Indian Division. The guest is Richard O’Sullivan.

Episode 9. The first attack on San Salvo on the Adriatic front on 27 October 1943. The guest is actor Charlie Lawson who spoke about his uncle John Glennie of the Royal Irish Fusiliers.

Episode 10. The second attack on San Salvo in November 1943 and Kesselring is appointed supreme German commander in Italy. The 8th Indian Division enters the war in Italy and crosses the Trigno.

Episode 11. The bombing of the Vatican, the Allied Control Commission formed, Castel del Sangro is destroyed; Jews declared enemies by the Social Republic and the first attack on Monte Camino in December 1943. The special guest is Frank de Planta.

Episode 12. Plans for the crossing of the River Sangro in December with Richard O’Sullivan. The episode cover the first involvement in the Italian Campaign of the New Zealand Division and the attack on Mozzagrogna by the 8th Indian Division.

Episode 13. The 8th Army attack across the River Sangro in November 1943. The 8th Indian Division attacks the Mozzagrogna, the 78th Division attacks, the French Expeditionary Corps arrives in Italy and the Tehran Conference is held.

Episode 14. The 8th Army advance to the River Sangro with Gillian Morrison. 

Episode 15. The first battle for Monte Camino in December 1943 with Mick  Barry.

Episode 16. The battle for San Pietro Infine and the Canadian Division’s battle for the Gully in December 1943 with Frank de Planta.

Episode 17. The battle of Ortona with Roger Chabot.

Episode 18. New Year 1944 stories with David Marshall, nephew of an Irish Brigade veteran.

Episode 19. Preparations for the Anzio landings with Frank de Planta.

Episode 20. The French Expeditionary Corps attack north of Cassino and the crossing of the Garigliano river with Daniel Crampton.

Episode 21. The 36th Division attack across the Gari/Rapido in January 1944 with Jeff Fuller.

Episode 22. The Anzio landings on 22 January 1944.

Episode 23. The 34th Division attack on Cassino and the first German counterattack at Anzio with Richard O’Sullivan.

Episode 24. The Fischfang attack at Anzio and the bombing of the abbey of Monte Cassino with Michele di Lonardo.

Episode 25. The New Zealand Corps attack on Cassino and the start of the final German attack at Anzio.

Episode 26. The final German attack at Anzio with Richard O’Sullivan.

Episode 27. Preparing for the third battle of Cassino and Sir Nick Young, chairman of the Monte San Martino Trust.

Episode 28. The third battle of Cassino.

Episode 29. The Ardeatine Caves massacre with James McFarlane.

Episode 30. Planning for Operation Diadem with Frank de Planta.

Episode 31. The Irish Brigade and Operation Diadem with Richard O’Sullivan.

Episode 32. The French Expeditionary Corps in Operation Diadem.

Episode 33. Italy in Operation Diadem.

Episode 34. II Polish Corps in Operation Diadem.

Episode 35. Final plans for Operation Diadem.