Irish Brigade

The story of the 38th (Irish) Brigade in the Second World War

Faugh a Ballagh        Nec Aspera Terrent         Quis Separabit

2 LIR – March 1943

Y Division was disbanded by March 16, and the London Irish moved to the Medjez sector.  They had suffered heavily in the attack of January and had borne the brunt of the German offensive in February.  Only two of their original officers remained.  On March 8 Lieut.-Colonel T. P. D. Scott (Royal Irish Fusiliers) took over command of the battalion from Lieut.-Colonel J. B. Jeffreys. Major A. P. K. O’Connor became Second-in-Command, and other changes were:

F Company—Major J. W. Dunnill; H Company—Captain B. H. Westcott; Headquarters Company—Captain H. M. Findlater.  A week later a large draft of officers and other ranks joined the battalion, mostly from the 70th Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles.

By March 27 the London Irish had arrived at a rest area, and then it was announced that the Irish Brigade would leave the 6th Armoured Division and come under the command of the 78th Infantry Division.


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