Relaxing at Guelma, June 1943

(NA 3349) Original wartime caption: L/Cpl. J. Brice, 2nd L.I.R. of 6, Alfreda Street, Battersea. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 3350) Original wartime caption: Cousins serving as Buglers with the 2nd London Irish Rifles. L/Cpl J. Brice of 6, Alfreda Street, Battersea and Bugler Ware of 20, Huntspill Street, Lower Tooting. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 3364) Original wartime caption: At 1800 hours on the 2nd June, the Pipes and Drums of the 38th Irish Infantry Brigade under Pipe Major Evans and wearing traditional dress, played the Retreat and several Irish Airs before an audience of Officers and Men of the Brigade and British nurses from a nearby Military Hospital. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 3365) . Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 3366) Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 3367) Original wartime caption: Piper Whelan of the 1st R.I.F. before playing in the Officers Mess. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 3352) Original wartime caption: Personnel of the Brigade bathing in a Roman built pool at Helipolis, near Guelma, where they are resting after the rigours of the North African campaign. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 3353)  Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 3354) . Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 3357) Original wartime caption: L/Cpl. H. Evans and Fus. J. Williams exercising Rex (408) Boy (33), Rob (471) and Tank (387) patrol dogs serving with the 1st R.I.F. Copyright: © IWM.