Part 1 – Origin and Leadership

Part 2 – The Men of the Irish Brigade

Part 3 – Operation Torch: The Strategic Factors

Part 4 – The Irish Brigade arrive in North Africa

Part 5 – December 1942 to March 1943 campaigning in Tunisia

Part 6 – The role of the Irish Brigade in the battle for mountains west of Tunisia in April 1943

Part 7. The Sicily invasion. Montgomery, Patton and the disagreements about the invasion plan

Part 8. The Sicily Campaign July/August 1943

Part 15. Remembering The Fallen. The story of some of the men of the Irish Brigade who did not return

Part 16. The Homecoming. Stories of Irish Brigade Men after the War

Part 17. The Battle Of Lake Trasimene: Part 1, The Pursuit To Citta Della Pieve

Part 18. The Battle Of Lake Trasimene: Part 2, Moving Up To The Front

Part 19. The Battle Of Lake Trasimene: Part 3, Sanfatucchio and Pucciarelli

Part 20. The Battle Of Lake Trasimene: Part 4, Pescia And Ranciano

Conversation with Dr Jonathan Fennell of King’s College London on British and Commonwealth Armies in the Second World War