Sicily pilgrimage for Irish Brigade website

On the 71st anniversary of their father’s journey through Sicily, the Irish Brigade web site co founders, Edmund and Richard O’Sullivan recent visited the island to trace his war time route from Cassibile to Patti. They were absolutely delighted to have been joined on their trip by Duncan McNally and David Hamilton, whose own fathers, Major John McNally and Captain Percy Hamilton, both Lieutenants at the time, were present alongside CQMS Edmund O’Sullivan during the short, but bitterly fought Sicilian campaign during July and August 1943.

Helping them review the battle area, the group was joined by Giacomo Biondi, whose family live in Centuripe. Giacomo’s father, Salvatore, witnessed the assaults on the town by 78th Division and described to the group what he saw on 2nd August 1943.

Three members of the Irish Brigade who served in Sicily in 1943: 

Captain P Hamilton MC; CQMS E O’Sullivan and Major JE McNally MC

Over the following pages, you can read a full report of our visit to Sicily by clicking on the links below.

Campaign Overview.

Landings near Cassibile.

Advance to Catenanuova.

Assault on Centuripe.

Centuripe – An Eyewitness Account.

Entering Centuripe.

Crossing the Salso river.

Simeto river.

Advance to Randazzo.

At Rest.

Commemorations at Piedimonte Etneo.

CWGC Cemeteries at Catania and Syracuse.

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