Sicily – 30th July 1943

Brigade HQ – SICILY.

Brigade Major’s party arrived here 1200hrs. Camp Commandant and advance party left for new area. Major MF Douglas Pennant resumed appointment of Brigade Major.

Brigade Major made recce of new Brigade area.

1130 Brigade HQ, Bttns and Support Group moved to Brigade concentration area 5179, arriving in new area approximately 0400/31, after gruelling journey over bad track.


0800 CO’s orders for the attack.

Brigade operational order.

2030 Bttn moved to a new Brigade assembly area.

2200 Bttn arrived in new area 515791.

6 Innisks – SICILY.

Carriers rejoined bttn.

Bttn moved by night to forward assembly area at distance 7 miles.

Heat considerable and water in short supply. Bttn again on compo rations.

2 LIR.

Commanding Officer and Intelligence Officer recce forward areas. Battalion warned to move.

2000 Battalion moves into hills and bivouacked in area 5 ½ miles North of Albospino.

(NA 5290): Signora Lorana Rosa, wife of a peasant farmer near Francoforte was more interested in the whiteness of her laundry than in having her picture taken. ‘You British are alright’ she said ‘so long as you give us more food than Mussolini did. We used to picture him, with his great dinners and cigars, while we had nothing to eat but the ftuit we grew ourselves.’ Copyright: © IWM. 

(NA 5301): With his church of Sant Antonio Abate in the background, Father Fatuzzo Guiseppe of Buccheri, told me, ‘Life in the village has gone on as before the invasion. The people seem very pleased to have you here. But the Church has not part in politics, we are just here to watch the good deeds and the bad until happier times.’ Copyright: © IWM. 

(NA 5297): ‘We were expecting rape and robbery when the British soldiers arrived’ said Mineo’s Police Chief, Mano Michele, here standing by a Mussolini speech extract painted on the wall ‘and everyone was amazed when the troops just went through the town singing and waving to the people, and life carried on just the same as before. Copyright: © IWM. 

(NA 5303): ‘Everybody talks a lot about the big convoys of your Army that go through this town. With your men and equipment it shouldn’t take you long to beat the Germans, said Cataldo Salvatore of the Buccheri civil police. Copyright: © IWM.