Sicily – 1st August 1943


0130 Brigade HQ and Support Group moved to new concentration area south west of Catenanuova at 5683.

0530 Brigade HQ established at 560830. 6 Innisks at 597832, 2 LIR 543822, 1 RIrF 561825.

1000 Movement table for night 1/2 August issued.

1250 Brigade Group ordered to report all observed results of own bombing.

1900 Brigade HQ closed at present location and reopened same time north of Catenanuova at 615863.

2100 Platoon 214, Field Company under command 38 Brigade wef 2200hrs 1 August. Platoon equipped with four mine detectors.

1 RIrF.

0415 Bttn moved to new area 596870 in MT.

Bttn’s 3 tonners were afterwards used for ferrying 2 LIR into new area.

2200 Bttns move again to new area 6388 preparatory to moving up to Centuripe the following morning if attack by East Surrey was a success.

The Faughs moving to Catenanuova.

6 Innisks – CATENANUOVA.

0200 A & B Coys in position. B forward on pt 250. A Coy and HQ Coy around farm 591939.

0900 MMG platoon and A/Tk platoon arrived together with rations.

1600 A & B Coys marched to lying up area in vineyard, which had very recently been evacuated by the enemy, 1 mile north of Catenanuova at 624863. C & D Coys rejoined the bttn there. 2 enemy trucks and signal stores salvaged.

2 LIR.

1600 Battalion moves down from the hills to almond groves west of Catenanuova.

1900 Battalion warned to move for probable night attack on Centuripe if attack by 1 East Surreys is unsuccessful.

2100 Battalion moved by march route to concentration area in hills below town of Centuripe and was in position by 0230 hrs. Proposed battalion attack was cancelled and commanding officer went to Brigade for further orders.

(NA 5401): Sicilians who are assisting to repair the damaged roads, receiving a ration issue. Copyright: © IWM. 

(NA 5405): General Montgomery hands over parcels to Major General Eveleigh, these parcels had been sent from England to be distributed to front line troops. Copyright: © IWM. 

(NA 5400): Men of the Lancashire Fusiliers leave Catenanuova and move on towards Centuripe. Copyright: © IWM.