Sicily – 16th August 1943

(NA 5917): A German Tiger Tank Mk. VI found abandoned and blown up by our advancing troops – 152 Bde. 51 Div. – These tanks are the German’s latest ‘secret weapon’ and are fitted with a 88 mm gun on the turret, and weight 72 tons. The breadth of this tank is such, that on the barrow roads of Sicily its use has been limited. Pictures taken near Pisano. Copyright: © IWM.

Brigade HQ.

Brigade Commander attended GOC’s conference training in Sicily.  Brigade Commander issued memorandum on Artillery Comms when Divisional Artillery supports a brigade attack. T/Captain CPJD O’Farrell relinquished appointment as Staff Captain on posting to 1 RIrF.

1 RIrF.

Bttn reorganisation in progress.

2 LIR.

Battalion rests.

American troops reported on outskirts of Messina. Forward elements of the 5th Army advancing swiftly and are a few miles from the town.

(NA 5924): Private Stanley Davis of 5th Seaforth Highlanders rides a pack mule with a swastika emblem branded on the animal’s neck, 16 August 1943. The animals were now being employed by 51st Highland Division in the hilly terrain near Mt Etna. Copyright: © IWM. 

(NA 5933): Men of the Highland Division use mules captured from Germans to carry equipment up the slopes of Mount Etna. The rugged terrain of most of the island restricted vehicles to the inadequate road system. Pack animals therefore played a vital transport role. Copyright: © IWM.