Reflections on Fusilier George Holmes’ time with the 1st Battalion of the Royal Irish Fusiliers.

A visit to eastern Italy in May 2022, an account by Gillian Morrison.

Although my travelling companion, Diana, and I arrived in the Abruzzo region on the Adriatic coast of Italy on Friday 29th April, my major quest, and the main purpose of my visit to this area, didn’t start in earnest until Monday 2nd May.

On the Friday evening, our first time we spent some time at the Sangro River War Cemetery which is not far from where we were staying.

I placed the three poppy crosses that I had prepared, along with photos, on the graves of my father, George Holmes, and Patrick Butler’s father, Lieutenant Colonel Beauchamp Butler, as well as Don Smith’s uncle, Arthur ‘Curly’ Smith, who served with the 25th Battalion, New Zealand Infantry.

Read the Gillian’s account here:


Following in the final footsteps of my father

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