Sicily, Pre Invasion – 9th July 1943 in Malta

(NA 4084): General Montgomery salutes as he steps from the plane. The General was met by Air Vice Marshal Park, O.A.C. Malta. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4085): General Montgomery meets senior officers at the airfield. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4086): General Montgomery meets senior officers at the airfield. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4087): The leaders of the British Expeditionary Force planning their operations. The group consists of – from left to right Major General F.W. de Guingand, OBE.,DSO., Chief of Staff to General Montgomery; Air Comm. C.B.R. Pelly, CBE.,MC., Senior Air Staff Officer to A.V.M. Broadhurst; Air Vice Marshal H. Broadhurst, DSO.,DFC.,AFC., General Montgomery Admiral Sir B.H. Ramsay, KCB…

(NA 4088): The British commanders of Operation Husky planning their operations in Malta, left to right: The Chief of Staff to General Montgomery, Major General F W de Guingand; Senior Air Staff Officer to Air Vice Marshal Broadhurst, Air Commodore C B R Pelly; Air Officer Commanding Desert Air Force, Air Vice Marshal H Broadhurst; The Commander of the Eighth Army, General Montgomery and Naval … Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4089): Left to right:- Air Vice Marshal Broadhurst, General Montgomery and Admiral Sir B.H. Ramsay, KCB., MVO., Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4090): General Sir Bernard Montgomery with his Staff. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4091): Field Marshal Lord Gort watching amphibious vehicles at a demonstration.

(NA 4092): Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4093): Loading one of the amphibious vehicles with stores. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4094): Scene in the underground Operations Room at Malta which co-ordinated Operation Husky. Three British staff officers plot positions on large wall charts. The Operations Room was located in one of the caves on Malta as an air raid precaution. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4095): The Ferry control, part of G (OPS). Here the various assault ships between Malta and the mainland are controlled. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4096): Boss of the Ops room is the G.S.O.1 (OPS) – Lieut. Col. Belcham, DSO, Royal Tank Regiment of Kensington. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4097): Other GSO2s on the job. On the left is Major Bob Long from Rhodesia. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4099): At work on maps. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4100): Capt. John Henderson, 12 Lancers, General Montgomery’s ADC sends a most urgent signal for the Army Commander (to GHQ, Middle East). Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4101): Capt. ‘TUT’ Spooner from Brundhall, Norfolk, now an operations Staff Officer fits code blocks. He is in charge of the codes. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4102): A Military Policeman outside the entrance to the Operations Room. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4103): The entrance to the caves in Malta. Copyright: © IWM.

(NA 4243): Massed LGIs ready to leave Malta for the assault on Sicily. Copyright: © IWM.