E Company, Italy, 1943.

Officer Commanding John Lofting (fourth from left of front row), 2-ic Pat Giles (fourth from right with CSM George Charnick (third from left); Sergeant Edward Mayo (second from left) and CQMS Edmund O’Sullivan (third from right)

 Officers, Warrant Officers and NCOs from E Company, December 1943.

From left: CSM George Charnick (with pipe); Sgt Edward Mayo (with hands in pockets); Sgt Jock McNally; CQMS Edmund O’Sullivan (eyes closed); Lt White; Capt Pat Giles (with pipe) and Capt Gerald Fitzgerald.

Members of E Company, probably photographed in Italy in the winter of 1943/44. Sergeant-Major George Charnick with pipe is on the far left of the top row. E Company Colour Sergeant Edmund O’Sullivan is third from the right in the front row.


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