Bren Gun Carriers


 London Irish motor cycle couriers photographed one winter during the period 1939-41.

Number 57 bren gun carrier on exercises in the UK during the winter of 1940-41.

 Bren gun carrier 57 with crew and other London Irish comrades. George does not appear to be in the photograph.

Bren gun carrier 57 with two London Irish comrades.

London Irish comrades.

Clowning for the camera with a civilian.

On exercises clowning around for the camera.

 Two unknown London Irish comrades.

George with his comrades in a carrier. It is numbered T8806.

Bren carrier T8806 with its crew playing up to the camera. One is holding a Thompson sub-machine gun and another a hand-gun.

T8806 again, photographed around the same time as in the previous photography. Again the Thompson sub-machine and handgun are on display as a a grenade.


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