CQMS John Duffy MM

We are very pleased to add further photographs showing CQMS John Joseph (Jackie) Duffy and his comrades from the Irish Fusiliers. These wonderful set of photographs have been kindly sent to us by Jackie’s son, John, and are a further vivid reminder of an unheralded Warrant Officer and Sergeant group with whom CQMS Duffy served throughout the Tunisian and Italian campaigns.

Faughs’ WOs and Sergeants of HQ Company in North Africa during May 1943 (Sgt Duffy second row from back, six from left). Note: there was no S Company at the time, hence, the large numbers).

Sgt Jackie Duffy, HQ Company, taken in Sicily during September 1943.

 The Faughs in snowy Campobasso during February 1944 (CQMS Duffy 2nd Row, 6th from right).

C/Sgt Duffy D Coy, 1 RIrF in Rome, 6th July 1944.

CQMS Duffy (left) with two comrades in Rome, 6th July 1944.

From left, Sgt Lang, Sgt Roberts, Sgt Goldie and CQMS Duffy taken near Florence.

Light middleweight contest out of the line – Sgt Goldie v C/Sgt Duffy.

Jackie Duffy’s citation for a Military Medal is further evidence of his fighting qualities.

“CQMS Duffy is Colour Sergeant to D Company. On the night of 7 October 1944, D Coy attacked Pt 382 from M.CODRANCO.  This attack met fierce resistance and after several hours fighting the Coy consolidated 200 yards short of Pt 382. They were then very short of ammunition and under heavy SA fire. CQMS Duffy himself led forward mules with ammunition and food to D Coy under the noses of the enemy. His column was shot up all the way and suffered severely but Duffy managed to get the essential supplies to D Coy. His action saved the day and made possible the ultimate success of the operation. His conduct has been of a similar pattern in all the actions in which he has taken part and his bearing and devotion to duty have been an inspiration at all times.”


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