Photographic Memories

We continue to receive fantastic photographs of men of the Irish Brigade and we shall be adding a number of these to our web site.

We shall be adding links to photographs tracking the progess of the Irish Brigade’s fighting journey from the time of their arrival in Algiers during November 1942 to the brigade’s crossing into Austria in early May 1945.

A Pictorial History, from Algeria to Austria.

(NA 3134) Copyright: © IWM.

George Charnick’s Photographic Memories

George Charnick, 2 London Irish Rifles was CSM of E Company from 1943 onwards and was awarded a Distinguished Conduct Medal and an American Silver Star.

The citation for CSM Charnick’s DCM reads:

“In Oct 1944, in the attack on Casa Spinello, he took charge of a difficult situation when all three officers of a rifle Coy had been killed, and despite darkness, rain and mud, enemy minefields and heavy fire he consolidated the position, supplying the position with ammunition and personally evacuating one casualty from the interior of an uncharted minefield. In Nov 1943 in the attack on Fossacesia on the Sangro, CSM Charnick showed great gallantry in engaging and destroying single-handedly an enemy post which had been holding up his Company’s advance and causing casualties. CSM Charnick has been CSM of a rifle Company since Mar 1943, has been wounded, has fought in every important battle in which the Battalion has been involved since the beginning of the North African campaign…. He has shown himself to be the type of Warrant Officer who is a credit to the traditions of his Regiment and the Infantry.”

The Irish Brigade in Forli during March 1945.

These photographs were taken on St Patrick’s Day, 1945 which was held that year on March 29th and attended by Major General Keightley and all three battalions of the Irish Brigade as well as the Pipes and Drums of the 1st Battalion, London Irish Rifles.

Photographs from the collection of John Duffy, son of CQMS John Joseph (Jackie) Duffy

CQMS Duffy served with the 1st Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers throughout the Second World War in France, Tunisia, Italy and Austria.

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ray maxwell
ray maxwell
4 years ago

not sure if this is the right place to comment i see my great uncle charles smart on this site think he drowned i am looking for any photographs of him in uniform if anyone can point me in the right direction many thanks ray the email is my mums

Jennifer Watterson
Jennifer Watterson
4 years ago
Reply to  ray maxwell

He did not drown. Charles Smart date of death is 6th May. 1943. I have been searching with an historian for information on him. I have visited Tunisia and seen his name on the memorial about 6 years ago. There is no known grave I’m sorry to say. My mother is Mary Ward nee Mills. She is now an elderly lady. She has been looking for a long time for Charles and any information on him.She also always believed he had drowned. You see my mother is Charles daughter. My grand mother was Hannah Mills. She later married and became… Read more »

Jennifer Watterson
Jennifer Watterson
4 years ago

Apparently there was an explosion. He was torn apart sadly. There was nothing left of him to bury.