Edward Mayo

Sergeant Edward (Eddie) Mayo MM, 8 Platoon sergeant in E Company 2 LIR, was killed by a nebelwerfer stonk whilst sheltering in a foxhole following the successful attack on Casa Sinagoga on 16th May 1944. The shell also killed Corporal Edward O’Reilly MM.

Edward Mayo, a Fords’ motor car worker, joined 2 LIR on 18th October 1939 and served throughout the campaigns in Tunisia and Sicily and was wounded twice during that period.

Sgt Mayo’s MM citation for his actions at Heidous in Tunisia, states: “At Heidous on 23 April ’43 in a night attack, this NCO personally destroyed a German MG post. Later, he rallied his platoon under heavy mortar fire and MG fire and in spite of being wounded in both legs, succeeded in leading a fresh sortie on the enemy. Corporal Mayo had previously distinguished himself at Bou Arada on 20 January in leading his section with great gallantry in an attack on Hill 286, where he was wounded. He had only been back from hospital, 2 weeks before the attack on Heidous. The way his men followed him on this last occasion was a tribute to his previous courage.”

Eddie Mayo left a wife Mary Elsie and a son, Edward.


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