6 Innisks – February 1943

1st February – IN THE FIELD.

The patrolling for night 31 Jan/1 Feb is of a purely recce nature as it is our new area.

C Coy send out Lieut Myler, a sergeant and corporal to recce Mehalla C 6707.

D Coy send out Lieut Wood, a sergeant and a corporal to recce Barka J 6705 and J 6706.

0020 Lt Wood, who encountered enemy recce patrol is sent out again with another six men as fighting patrol.

0215 Lt Myler reported back – had also seen enemy recce patrol, in about the same area as D Coy patrol.

0340 Lt Wood reported back – he had not been able to find any enemy.

1000 CO holds usual patrol coordinating conference. The following patrols for night 1/ 2 are arranged. C Coy to send out fighting patrol under Sgt O’Donnell to area where enemy recce patrols were seen last night.

D Coy to establish two watch and warning patrols on forward slopes of pt 279. Capt McCaldin and Lieut Motherwell and 1 OR to go nine miles into enemy territory as far as J 7207 on recce and destructive mission.

1100 CO goes round MG positions with Capt Daly. 2.i.c. visits rear Brigade HQ to fix up small queries.

1130 Staff Captain arrives and asks if we have any queries.

1830 CO watches C Coy go out to night area.

A quiet evening. A warm sunny day.

2nd February – IN THE FIELD.

0600 CO sees D Coy come in from their night area.

1000 Patrol coordinating conference. C Coy will send fighting patrol to clean up Barka and D coy a fighting patrol to clear up Mehalla.

D Coy will also have some watch and warn patrols as last night and send a standing patrol between D and RIrF;s positions.

1030 Warning from Brigade; B Coy still under command 1 RIrF will probably be relieved tonight and go into reserve.

Another NAAFI supply is issued during the morning – each man gets 130 cigarettes (90 Ardath, 40 Woodbine) – a box of matches – a bar of chocolate – a small supply of soap – writing paper and envelopes – chewing gum. Razor blades were all issued to the lucky few. Everyone wants to know where the decent cigarettes get to – the last three issues were State Express 333 cork tipped and Ardath. The favourite cigarette with the troops is definitely Players or Capstans. A fresh supply of Irish whiskey (no Scotch) is allotted to officers.

Adjutant is given 3 bottles of whisky and 2 bottles of lemon squash to allocate to 4 officers. Decides to draw for it and amid much mirth he gets the cordial. But later 2.i.c. produces another bottle of Irish from up his sleeve so all is well.

1200 2.i.c. visits Field Cashier and draws money for Coy pay. He comes back with the news the franc is only now worth 200 franc for £1. But to make up for it, we are to get Egyptian notes of colonial allowance. No one can find out what this is, or what colonial allowance we are drawing now.

1800 News gradually trickles through that B Coy are being relieved by a Coy of 2 LIR and that they are going back into reserve, and that they will all get a bath tomorrow from a mobile bath unit at Gafour. This is the first time we have heard of or used a Bath unit since our arrival in this country.

Our water truck has broken down after much hard work over all kinds of hard ground. Brigade are sending a 3 ton water truck round with the ration lorry.

The recent spell of hot weather has awoken the flies from their winter coma – extra precautions must be taken with latrines especially in this gully where we now are.

CO and Capt Little watch Lieut Dicker take Coy out and put them into their night positions.

1900 The party of 1 squadron Parachute Bttn RE attached to us are ordered to go. We are sorry to lose them – they are grand chaps. But one of their Sergeants is out in enemy territory, blowing up vehicles and laying mines.

2130 B Coy report that they have handed over to a company 2 LIR.

3rd February – IN THE FIELD.

0115 B Coy report they have reached new positions.

Patrol report for night 2/3 attached.

0600 CO and Padre go out and see D Coy come in from night position. Padre stays with D Coy all day.

1000 CO’s conference. Patrol coordinating conference is left in abeyance – pending result of conference CO is attending at Brigade.

1100 CO and IO attend conference at Brigade.

1500 O Group conference. There is a battle going on around Mansour. As a diversion, a ‘Chinese Attack’ is going to be staged in this area tomorrow. Two troops 16/5 Lancers artillery, with plenty of smoke and platoon of 1 RIrF are directly concerned. Our role is to be prepared for a possible counter attack. 16/5 Lancers are operating in our area.

Main patrols for tonight are as follows: Sgt O’Donnell and 10 men from C Coy to comb Barka and destroy any enemy found there.

Lieut Myler and 10 men from C Coy to comb Mehalla and destroy any enemy found there.

Lieut Wood and three sections of 4 men to lie up and wait until a usual enemy patrol is seen and then engage it and destroy or capture it.

Pioneer officer is given the task of erecting a cement base at A Echelon for the rest camp – there is plenty of cement available at the farm where the RAP is situated.

Our 2 pounder A/Tk guns are gradually to be replaced by 6 pounder guns as they become available. One has so far arrived. The Armoured Sergeant and another NCO from A/Tk platoon report to 72 A/Tk Regiment for short course on maintenance of the 6 pounder gun.

4th February – IN THE FIELD.

1000 CO Conference of Coy Commanders and Coy deputies. Following patrols laid on for tonight Sgt McAleer and 10 to take fighting patrol to swamp over pt 286 and Barka.

Lt Davidson and 2 ORs to go deep into enemy territory to crossroad J 741051 as opportunity to patrol and recce.

They will be carrying mines and lay them if an opportunity permits.

1030 Brigade Major calls and talks about comms 1st Army one going to run for MMG, 6 pounder A/Tk and then laying and lifting.

1200 Staff Captain calls and CO and Adjutant settle a few points on how to get rid of dud officers – after, it was necessary..Honours and Awards recommendations.

1400 Six Signalmen go to Brigade A Echelon for 7 to 10 day course on the 19 set.

1430 CO visits B Coy in their rest area.

1700 CO sees Lieut Davidson and ties up ends about his patrol.

1730 2.i.c. goes off for 24 hrs rest and bath at Brigade HQ.

We are told to send back to Bone for three deserters. It is decided to send Sgt Salt, orderly room Sergeant, who needs a rest from bumph and typewriters.

It is hoped while there or on the way he may be able to pick up a few comforts – papers, writing paper, envelopes etc – NAAFI supply is not sufficient.

1800 50 men of Bttn HQ and Support Coy go back to rest area – mainly for bath. They will return tomorrow evening.

5th February – IN THE FIELD.

Conference at 1000 hrs to discuss patrols for tonight. Lt Dickie and 10 men from C Coy to approach Barka from the east, go over Mehallah and come back over pt 286.

Lt Davidson to go and lie up all day, south and east of Barka in farm and watch for enemy movement.

CO visits MO and A Coy during the morning.

1800 CO holds conference in RAP with Adjutant, MO and Pioneer Officer to sort all and try to fix where all our dead are buried. Good conference and much was accomplished.

1900 CO interviews 5 Fusiliers, who have been returned to the unit from Casualty Clearing Station. They are shell shocked cases but have to be interviewed and find out how/why things got to CCS and if they are fit to be in fighting unit. Four are found to be genuine cases and in the fifth case a doubtful case and it is suggested he be posted to Pioneer Unit.

2000 CO goes to see B Coy, who have taken over pt 279 from D Coy and D Coy have gone back for 48 hrs rest and baths at Gafour. The baths are much appreciated.

6th February – IN THE FIELD.

1000 CO holds conference ref patrols for the night. Davidson, who is staying out today, is returning via Mehallah. Barka and pt 286 after dark and recce anything he has seen during his watch.

Other points brought out at conference – don’t let routine lead to slackness – don’t be surprised – if attacked by tanks, stay in your hole – what measures have Coy ready for immediate action against tanks – 75 grenades only have them primed when tactical situation demands – case required where dumps of 75 grenades are made.

Major Bunch has busy day as President of 3 Court Martials at Brigade HQ. Fusilier Sandus of this unit is one of the accused and is tried for attempting to desert and W/D M/c and petrol for his own use – he is found guilty.

1800 CO goes to back to Brigade HQ for bath and 24 hrs rest.

During the afternoon, Brigadier brings round Virginia Cowles, the writer and newspaper correspondent, to see the Bttn. She also visits 1 RIrF and 2 LIR.

The fine weather has broken – a drizzly day. We must hope against hope we do not get a downpour or much rain as this gully will not be inhabitable.

7th February – IN THE FIELD.

0030 Lieut Davidson’s patrol reports back in bits. 2.i.c. has difficulty in sorting out the reports and places where they were fired on. Lt Davidson was wounded in both legs and arm. One OR was also wounded, and there are three ORs missing. A quiet day.

1800 C Coy went back to rest area and D Coy take their place.

CO has another night at Brigade HQ. Certain patrol activity during the night.. go into minefield farm. 

8th February – IN THE FIELD.

Usual weeks conference. Staff Captain calls and settles points with 2.i.c. and adjutant and stays for a cup of tea during the morning.

2.i.c. and Capt Daly do recce to fire on firing range.

0930 The farms around the Bttn are bombed by twelve Stukas. No casualties in the Bttn. Lieut Wood took up duties yesterday to understudy Adjutant and IO. Takes three summaries during the morning on three fusiliers, who had found their way back to Bone.

1600 Adjutant has tea with 1 RIrF and enjoys some chocolate biscuits made from the Compo rations.

1730 7 Hurri bombers with six Spitfires make a frequent appearance – it is thought that they are looking for a supposed formation. If enemy tanks in hills east of Goubellat. But later a report is received that they are haystacks.

Two officer recce parties.

Lt McVie to recce Mehallah and Lt Ablett to recce Barka – both had positive reports.

9th February – IN THE FIELD.

1000 Usual patrol conference. In the light of Ablett’s recce patrol, it is decided to send C Coy over Barka to destroy or capture all enemy found there. The day is spent tying up an elaborate programme with a wealth of Artillery support. The final details are fixed at conference held at 1430. C Coy are to move up from their rest area to SP battery 1830 and move off at 1845.

1730 Brigadier rings up and cancels the party. It is now too late to lay on any patrols for the night.

1610 We are told to send a guide to Siliana to collect 47 reinforcements at 2000. The guide is informed when he arrives that there are no reinforcements there, but they would probably be at El Aroussa. The guide was too late to see the supply point at El Aroussa and returns empty handed.

10th February  – IN THE FIELD.

0130 ..arrives with 46 reinforcements, which had arrived at A Echelon.

It is pointed out that Siliana is 30 miles from this unit’s location.

The Bttn is now up to WE in ORs but still deficient of six officers. Rifle Coy strengths are A -105, B – 105, C -104, D – 103.

This is due to the calls of A/Tk platoon and Vickers Guns allotted to Bttn without extra strength in men of W/E. This draft consists of a good proportion of fusiliers and 1st reinforcements and B Echelon left in Scotland.

1000 Usual conference. Lt McVie is going to take fighting patrol to Mehallah as a result of his recce patrol. CO spends some time in administrative details.

1030 CO interviews Lieut Clark and Guiler, also CQMS Emerson and Lt Dupe. A Coy went back to rest camp at first light and C Coy took over from them.

1453 Brigadier and Corps Commander visit Bttn.

During the afternoon, Capt Little, Capt Daly and Rowlette found the artillery under instruction of Major Knox152 Field Regiment RA.

1530 All patrolling for night is cancelled – it is to be a gunners night. There certainly does not seem to be a shortage of 25 pounder ammunition.

1700 CO accompanied by IO attends conference at Brigade HQ.

1810 Heavy rain starts to fall and hopes of all of us centred on the dam at entrance to gully, but Pioneer Sergeant thinks it will hold.

2115 CO and IO return from Brigade very wet and very cold. O Group Conference is ordered for 1000 hrs, 11 Feb 43.

11th February– IN THE FIELD.

A very stormy night with heavy rain. The gully we live in is the natural stream for the water from the mountains to travel down. A temporary dam has been made. Will it hold?

0805 The dam bursts and a torrent of water flows down the gully without any warning. For the best account of it, contact ‘Branch of the Sprig’ No 10 dated 11 Feb attached to this diary.

0810 CO has to make a quick plan as how to dispose the 2 Coys and Bttn HQ. The gully is in view of the enemy.

C and D Coys found temporary areas near gully and Bttn HQ moves to RAP.

1030 Brigadier arrives.

A RE Sergeant recces the situation and decides nothing can be done about the dam. A very wet morning is spent salvaging event wetter and very muddy equipment and belongings from the gully.

Bttn HQ remains in the RAP.

12th February – IN THE FIELD.

Today and tomorrow are to be no movement days. No vehicles. No M/Cs. No movement of men unless absolutely necessary – no wireless except…watch or in operational emergency – no firing of artillery – no AA except low dive bombing.

The day is given over to administration and drying clothes and cleaning.

6 Signallers go to Brigade for course of 19 set.

2 detachments A/Tk platoon go to Brigade for course on 6 pounders. Major Bunch – President FGCM at Brigade HQ.

13th February – IN THE FIELD.

Another day of administration. No conference and no movement during hours of light. Warning order issued from Division of possible enemy thrust west from Pont Du Fahs to Bou Arada in next three days. All Coys warned. Fine day with drying wind.

14th February – IN THE FIELD.

CO held conference at 1000 hrs to discuss many admin and operational points – the latter based on Divisional Commander’s letter. A Coy to change over with D Coy tonight who will go into reserve area and be at three hours notice less one platoon to go into Divisional reserve. 

There is too much movement by day – this to be controlled by Bttn and Coy HQ. Slit trenches to be developed into section and platoon localities. Fire discipline – shoot to kill – don’t waste ammo – it is not easy to sit up during a battle. Never fire at extreme range or when the enemy is about to take cover. Keep tidy – alertness at  night – equipment must be worn by all in forward area by night and at Bttn HQ have equipment on or by own side. Pioneer Officer to go round Coys with 75 gun and RE mine and explain to Coys. Salvage – Signallers have collected several reels of wire – will get some more from B Coy positions, Saluting and general smartening up of Bttn. Coys warned to keep containers for returns – warning has been received we are going on the bulk returns. Every man must now be especially careful of this 48 hr emergency reserve. Now no reserve for replacement. Armourer to go round and inspect cookers.

1430 CO and Adjutant spend two hours trying to find a place for Bttn HQ. It is felt that it would not be possible to run a battle from this farm. A site is selected – not a good one below D Coy hill. No cover what so ever and a very shallow gully.

Two three ton lorries of…..arrived last night – and three more tonight – 3 are coming tomorrow.

Instructions have been received to make this a strongly held locality. Before, the policy has been to not put down wire so not to give the position away.

Three Canadians joined the Bttn yesterday and are posted onto the WE on the unit. Capt Kingsmill, Royal Regiment of Canada is posted to C Coy under Major Little. Lieut Curphey. West Nova Scotia to B Coy under Capt Bayley, and Sgt Sortie Mountie Royal Fusiliers is posted to A Coy under Major Bunch. Sgt Sortie is an expert in explosives. Curphey was in the Dieppe raid and Capt Kingsmill was an Brigade Major in the Canadian Army.

Lt Fielden and one fusilier to go out to see what the mysterious growth of trees on Mehallah are. But they soon return and for another Tommy Gun – and for some more men. He says the enemy unusually lively. Saw 3 and then 10 on pt 286 – they seem to be digging and there was noise of at least a platoon in gully east of 286. The gunners decide this is a … target. After the gunners had finished, Lt Fielden with reinforcements went out again. They reported the shelling had not been without effect and that at least two Germans were killed. Owing to the increase in enemy activity, it was not possible to reach Mehallah.

15th February – IN THE FIELD.

1000 Patrolling Conference.

Pioneers busy preparing Bttn HQ.

16th February – IN THE FIELD.

Patrolling Conference. It is decided to move Bttn HQ by degrees during the afternoon, Advance Bttn HQ – CO, 2.i.c., Adjutant, IO and Support Officer with 32 employed personnel are forward in hut in ground, which has been made into quite a good HQ by the Pioneers. CO is keen to make this a ‘show HQ’. Orderly Room is named ‘War Office’. Intelligence Office – ‘Ministry of Information’. Cook House – “Ministry of Food’.

17th February – IN THE FIELD.

Patrolling and Admin Conference 1000 hr. Quiet day.

18th February – IN THE FIELD.

1000 Usual Conference. Another quiet day devoted to administration. There is more activity at night and CO keeps enemy alert by using plenty of artillery during the night. Major Knox, A Battery, 152 Field Regiment, sleeps next to CO and both are.. for targets. Patrols indicate targets.

19th February – IN THE FIELD.

1000 Usual daily Conference.

Very wet day. All roads, except the main roads, are impassable to traffic. D Coy come up during evening and relieve B Coy on pt 279. Lt Curfhey, the Canadian, who is in B Coy, however stays with D as he wants to go out patrolling again until he gets a personal.

20th February – IN THE FIELD.

1000 Conference on patrolling and administration.

The weather clears up a bit and ground is still muddy and M/Cs are unusuable.

21st February – IN THE FIELD.

1000 Conference. A quiet day up to dinner time but roads are wet.

Lt Hanna is taken as IO of force now under command of our Brigadier. Lt-Col Scott, 1 RIrF, now in command of the Brigade. Conference at Brigade for COs at 1900 hrs. CO goes in A/Tk portee. The only vehicle that will get through the mud is a portee. It is decided to have a reshuffle of Bttns. It is decided to put A and B back on the Grandstand, C on West Hill and D to remain where they are.

A busy artillery night. Major Black, C Battery 152, is now with us vice Major Knox. Also Major Clarke of 504 Battery 140 Field Regiment. It is the first time that 140 Filed have been in action anywhere in Tunisia.

22nd February – IN THE FIELD.

72 A/Tk Regiment move out without letting us or Brigade know during the night and then return.

1000 Usual conference on patrolling and tying up ends for inter coy moves.

B Coy are warned to move south with Divisional reserve force. There are only two officers in the coy at present and as both are an hours’ run from coy at Bttn conference, there is some difficulty. Eventually it is decided to send a RIrF coy. But not before this coy had started south. The coy is brought back but Coy Commander was forward doing some recce and it was some time later before he arrived back.

1600 Coordinating conference for changeover.

1630 Four enemy smoke shells – probably mortar land plumb in Bttn HQ area – one, within a yard of CO car and one 2 yards from orderly room. Immediately afterwards, the position was dive bombed by twelve planes, but the bombs fell a hundred yards to the east. The Carrier Platoon was also bombed and one fusilier was killed.

It is decided not to move C Coy. The coy of 1 RIrF will now take over West Hill from A Coy and C will remain in the farms on Bou Arada to Goubellat rd. We now have therefore four coys strung out east of rd Goubellat to Bou Arada with 1 coy RIrF in reserve for immediate counter attack, and the other two RIrF further back in reserve and rest.

23rd February – IN THE FIELD.

1100 Owing to the changeover last night, the patrolling conference was postponed until 1100 hrs. A and B Coys are sending out local recce patrols in front of our old position on Grandstand. C Coy will send out patrol to Gubaia. D Coy under Lt Curphey are to go and recce 286 with possible object of attacking it with a platoon in a day or two. It is discovered that all the A/Tk guns in the farms that C Coy are guarding have disappeared except for one.

These A/Tk gunners come and go without liaising – even with Brigade.

Our own officers found those enemy targets during the day, which we think were successfully engaged. A Coy found a gun position. Lt Dicker.. on Gubaia, and Fusilier May about a Coy in Plough Top.

24th February – IN THE FIELD.

Lt Curphey, Lt Bokanowski, Special Detachment 5 Corps and 4 NCOs did not return from patrol last night. We are all sorry indeed to lose Lieut Curphey. He was a Canadian sent out for 3 months to gain experience from the Canadian forces in England. He was a born leader.

0915 OC D Coy received a letter from Sgt McAleer to say he had come out to see if he could find any trace of the patrol. It did not seem very hopeful that he would return from this errand.

0945 Sgt McAleer returned with two fusiliers and a machine gun. His report is attached.

The morning was spent investigating these two prisoners. They were of low morale. Talked freely and with the aid of Major Clarke the Gunner Officer who is an official weapons interrogator and our only German speaking officer we were able to find out all the dispositions of the enemy on pt 286. So much so, it was decided to put a platoon of D Coy over 286 this afternoon. It seemed that the morale of the enemy there was low.

A big artillery programme was fixed with 3 batteries of 25 pounders, mediums and heavies – 4.2” mortars and 3” mortars.

1430 Coordinating conference.

1630 Zero.Story of attack attached.

1730 The party was over and was a great success. Eight prisoners were taken and an estimated 30 killed.Own casualties were one wounded.

1830 Brigade Major arrives with half a bottle to celebrate the success and the Brigadier (Lt-Col Scott) rings up to congratulate us.

It is decided that the patrol programme shall be light tonight. He may be laying something up in store for us. CSM Kerr went off for interview re immediate commission during the morning.

25th February – IN THE FIELD.

Usual conference at 1000 hrs to fix patrols.

1530 Nine Stukas dive bombed A Coy’s position. No damage of casualties.

1830 Enemy seen on pt 246 and 218 engaged by artillery.

2040 Trace and Parachute flares to our west.

2110 Plane flew over Bttn area from east to west.

26th February – IN THE FIELD.

0200 Vehicle travelled to and from pt 286

0230 Enemy patrol signalled but not engaged 100 yards in front of minefield farm.

0550 Mortar and MG fire head on 2 LIR positions. Fire developed during the morning. 2 LIR being attacked by enemy (strength not known) in hills NW. Mortar fire from east of Goubellat to Bou Arada road from area gullies north of Ber Rabaz and also east of pt 286. Mortar fire heavy on F Coy 2 LIR front at about 0830 hrs.

0915 D Coy reported mortar position in gully east of pt 286. This was engaged by our own artillery and the mortar fire ceased.

0945 C Squadron 142 Field Regiment RAC reported on move. MMG fire had now almost ceased.

Capt Kingsmill was posted forward of Sidi Aik as OP. This proved invaluable and kept command post supplied with news of the situation.

1045 Our infantry seen advancing from Stuka Farm 637082 to north west.

1055 Our troops seen withdrawing on crest near Stuka Farm.

1120 25 enemy and 15..transports seen proceeding north east at 641085. B Coy on Grandstand told to be ready to engage them. 4.2” mortars engaged this target.

1147 611083 reported clear of enemy and they have been driven over the crest 663083. Information from Brigade that a PW has stated that a full scale attack is taking place. HGJR is attacking our northern flank and another force is attacking the 1 Parachute Brigade positions whilst A 24 by pass us and go through Bou Arada.

1200 Patrol from D Coy went out to recce any enemy concentrations or positions in area pt 286 and Barka.

1230 B Coy RIrF have occupied area Farm 637082 with platoon after driving enemy from it and inflicting casualties on enemy.

1310 Enemy digging in on north and west slopes of Hill 623088.

1415 Enemy still in gully between F and H Coy 2 LIR.

1545 Information from Brigade that enemy may be re grouping for tank attack from north to east.

1630 Lieut Boyle and platoon of B Coy do a sweep along ridge in front of Stuka Farm. This turned out to be a great success and stabilised our position for the night. Lieut Boyle was killed in this attack – also L/Cpl Reid. Fifteen to twenty casualties were inflicted on the enemy. The attack was preceded by our artillery, who lay down a heavy concentration for twenty minutes before zero.

The other part of the day’s battle as it affected this Bttn and is told as an appendix by Capt Daly, who with a 2 Section Carriers was sent to help 2 LIR and subsequently took over command of that particular area. Capt Daly’s determined tactics and energy continually proved too much for the enemy and he was able to remain on pt 384 until relieved by 2 LIR when they had reorganised on 28 Feb 43.

A very wet night.

27th February – IN THE FIELD.

A quiet morning but everyone was very much on the lookout. Artillery have busy morning shooting up Gubaia and Barka where considerable enemy can be seen.

1330 100 enemy reported moving south west at about 663107. They were engaged by our artillery and dispersed.

1520 Three shrapnel shells in the Bttn area.

D Coy report location of enemy OP on Mehallah. There was considerable air activity during the day.

During the night 27/28, much salvage of our own and enemy is collected from area Stuka Farm. It is sorted and redistributed – first priority being given to F Coy 2 LIR, who have now been reformed under Capt Kingsmill and one now under out command.

The Bttn now has three extra Coys under command – F and H Coy 2 LIR, and C Coy 1 RIrF with B Coy 1 RIrF in readiness for immediate counter attack. The layout was as follows. 6 Innisks in same positions, H Coy in gully 647081. C Coy 1 RIrF holding Stuka Ridge and F Coy 2 LIR on that hill.

28th February – IN THE FIELD.

Unusual enemy activity noticed.

0930 Enemy aircraft activity – flying high in air by artillery and vehicles.

0930 Mortar shelling on hills behind.

0945 Mortar shelling on Grandstand.

1000 Mortar shelling on Grandstand.

1300/1340 Mortar bomb on Sidi Aik.

1410 We put down Monkey target on Stop Farm.

1700 3 Stukas dropped bombs in HQ Coy area.

1930 Unusual dog barking in village. Flashing of torches on Two Tree Hill.

To sum up, the month was one of active patrolling and endurance. The strain is beginning to tell on many of the men and the number of nervous cases is on the increase.

Patrol programme and reports are attached for the month.