Officers’ Roll : November 1942 to July 1944

To aid research on the whereabouts of specific men, the Irish Brigade web site is pleased to include a monthly listing of officers of 6 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

November 1942:

December 1942:

January 1943:



 February 1943:



March 1943:



 April 1943:



May 1943:


June 1943:


July 1943:



August 1943:

September 1943:

October 1943:

November 1943:

January 1944:

February 1944:

March 1944:

April 1944:

May 1944:

June 1944:

July 1944:



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Terence bradley
Terence bradley
11 months ago

I’ve not been able to open the officer files, can you help? My Dad served with the ‘Skins at Monte Cassino but I’m not sure which btn or the precise date.

Terence bradley
Terence bradley
8 months ago

Captain Desmond F Bradley,

Graham Clark
Graham Clark
1 month ago

My father, Major FJA Clark was posted to the 6th Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers on the 1st February 1943. He may have been a Liaison Officer. Is there any record of his role at that time?