38 (Irish) Brigade – November 1942

8th November – CUMNOCK.

Four Officers and 41 ORs left this HQ to embark for service overseas.

10th November – CUMNOCK.

Three Officers and 36 ORs left this HQ to embark for service overseas.

11th November – CUMNOCK/GLASGOW.

0830 Remainder of Brigade HQ (7 Officers and 89 ORs) entrained to embark for service overseas. Nominal roll of Brigade HQ attached.

1100 Brigade arrived King George V Dock to embark P.42.

1730 A conference for all officers was held by OC Ship. Troops on board divided into six Coys for administration and training.

12th November – GLASGOW.

0800 News was received of landing in Algeria by First Army.

1100 Brigadier and Brigade Major attended Corps Commander’s conference.

1400 Ship P.42 (Duchess of York) left King George V dock and joined convoy in Firth of Clyde.

13th November – GLASGOW.

1400 Brigade Commander held training conference for Ship’s Coy Commanders

14th November – GLASGOW.

1630 Convoy left mooring in Firth of Clyde and set sail.

15th November – AT SEA.

Brigade HQ training programme commenced. 

1400 Brigade Commander gave lecture on all officers in the plan of campaign.

17th November – AT SEA.

Maps of Africa were released for distribution

22nd November – ALGIERS.

0830 Duchess of York (P.42) arrived outside harbour.

1100 Duchess of York docked at Mole des Pairageurs.

1300 Personnel of Brigade HQ disembarked.

2000 Brigade HQ marching personnel arrived at bivouac area. HQ set up at Farm 795012. No 6 Innisks at same location.

During the day Brigade Commander and Brigade Major visited 5 Corps and First Army HQ.

Captain Griffin and Lt Osborn remained at Jardin d’Essai with vehicle party (33 ORs).

Major Rae remained in Algiers with baggage party.

23rd November – FARM 795012.

1030 Lecture by Brigade Major on ‘Field Discipline’.

Brigade Commander visited HQ 2 LIR at 770015

2200 Party shown in Appendix A rejoined HQ.

2300 Party shown in Appendix B disembarked at Algiers during air bombardment. 

24th November – FARM 795012.

0103 Brigade Commander explained military situation in North Africa to Commanders 6 Innisks and 2 LIR. 

1200 Party shown at Appendix B (less baggage party) rejoined this HQ.

1800 FSP attached Brigade HQ reported that ‘Mairie’ of Maison Carree (8006) was suspected to be pro Vichy.

25th November – FARM 795012.

1015 Brigade Major addressed all officers of Brigade HQ on ‘Field Discipline’.

1400 Brigade Commander and Brigade Major attended ‘War Game’ at Divisional HQ ( 8207).

26th November – FARM 795012.

1100 A TEWT for Coy Commanders 6 Innisks and 2 LIR was held by Brigade Commander. 

27th November – FARM 795012.

1400 Brigade Commander visited Divisional Commander to confer on forward move of the Brigade.

1600 Transport Ships and H.45 commenced unloading at Algiers. 

29th November – FARM 795012.

0600 Captain DA Parker, Captain ED Thompson and 46 ORs entrained at Hussein Dey (7708) for Bougie.