38 (Irish) Brigade – June 1943

1st June – GUELMA.

187839 T/Captain RLE Lowry, RIrF, rejoined the hospital ex hospital.

186875 A/Captain PI Chalk, RASC, posted to this HQ as Brasco vice Captain RWS Plumley.

3rd June – GUELMA.

Junior Leader’s School opened at 733085 – officer in command Captain TJS Clarke, 1 RIrF.

5th June – GUELMA.

187839 T/Captain RLE Lowry, RIrF attended HQ, 5 Corps.

6th June – GUELMA.

Liaison Officers’ course (6–13 June) began at Divisional HQ.

7th June – GUELMA.

Brigade Carrier course (7-13 June) began area Tunis 9250 – office in command Major DT Little, 6 Innisks.

Brigade Mortar course began same area – officer in command Captain T Woods, 1 IrF.

9th June  – GUELMA.

53967 Captain TJ Glenn. Worcester Regiment, posted this HQ for duties as IO.

13th June – GUELMA.

Demonstration of Recce and Group drill at Divisional HQ.

W/Lieut WJ Concannon  (193879), RUR, posted to this HQ as LO vice 89181 W/Lieut Seymour, RUR, to 2 LIR.

Liaison Officer’s course ended.

14th June – GUELMA.

Divisional Intelligence course began. All Bttn and Brigade HQ Intelligence personnel attended. Programme attached.

16th June – GUELMA.

Brigade Support Group arrived (1st Kensingtons) in area 691069. Brigade Support Group organisation attached.

17th June – GUELMA.

0700 Advance transport party left for new training sector.

1100 Visit of HM the King to 78 Division. All available HQ personnel took their place lining the Bone – Guelma road. The King, accompanied by Sir James Grigg, passed at 1345hrs on his way to lunch at HQ 78 Division. After lunch, the visitors returned to Bone.

18th June – GUELMA.

Division I course ended. “Reference Point” Map References Code came into use.

19th June – GUELMA.

Brigade TEWT for COs and Commanders supporting arms. Main purpose to introduce the Brigade Support Group. Object, opening narrative and tracing of area attached.

20th June – GUELMA.

Lieut Cole returned from instructing at Brigade Junior Leader’s Course.

23rd June – GUELMA.

Advance parties left for Hammamet area 470186.

25th June – IN TRANSIT.

Brigade HQ left for Hammamet area via Duvivier, Souk Arras (N 1381), Gardimaou (H5503), Souk el Khemis (J0125). Staged at Souk el Arba (H8511) for night.

26th June – IN TRANSIT.

Continued to Hammamet area (470186) via Medjez el Bab (J5834), Tunis (K0755), Grombalia (K3836).

1800 Brigade Headquarters established at 468185. Tracing is attached showing dispositions of the Brigade group.

27th June – HAMMAMET.

Conference at Brigade HQ 1800hrs. COs and OCs arms under command attached.

Trace of training areas attached.

38 Brigade Admin Order No 1 issued and attached.

Security Instruction No 2 issued and attached.

30th June – HAMMAMET.

Instruction of Brigade Group Exercise “Tryout” (3-4 July) issued.

Captain G Bird III (I) 78 Division lectured Bttns on British PoWs.

General B Montgomery, Commander 8th Army visited 38 (Irish) Brigade Group.

He visited and spoke to Bttns in their own lines, and later visited Brigade HQ and Support Arms, who were formed up at K459190 at 1815hrs.

The General welcomed the Brigade into the 8th Army and all ranks gave the General a hearty welcome.

Lieut JD Long (130432), 6 Innisks, posted this HQ as LO.

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