38 (Irish) Brigade – December 1944

1st December – PASSITEMPI 979283.

The following appreciation of the enemy situation is based on OP and patrol reports and on information received from the three prisoners taken night. Their identifications were 10 Coy 3 Para Regiment and 7 Coy 289 Regiment. II Bttn 289 has two companies in the line, 6 Coy in the area Pt 278 014293 and C IL Sillaro 018292 and 7 Coy from just south of C Il Sillaro down to the road. To the north, III Bttn 3 Para Regiment has two companies in the line. 10 Coy stretches from Pt 278 to the ridge at 018297 and 9 Coy from Pt 342 015299 to Casa Tamagnin 013303. There is a reserve platoon and Coy HQ of 10 Coy in and around C Calvana 022297 and probably the MMGs are operating from this area. C Anzellara 023307, C Cereto 021310 and C Muiano 022316 are all occupied areas and probably two companies of parachutists are disposed in this area with the supporting MMGs and mortars. There is probably a reserve battalion in a counter attack role in the C Volte area 032311. The parachutists are far more aggressive in their patrolling than other units and it would appear that they mainly consist of small bold recce patrols coming well up to our positions to observe with the object of obtaining sufficient information for a small, well laid on, raid.

Plans for Future Operations:

The Eighth Army is attacking westwards along the axis of Route 9 towards Imola. It is the intention of 13 Corps to attack down Ace Route to Imola with the intention of helping the advance of the Eighth Army. In order to conform with the remainder of the attacks by 78 Division, this Brigade was ordered to plan an operation to capture the following objective.

To be captured by 1 RIrF:

Pt 342 014299.

Spur 015300.

C Tamagnin.

To be captured by 2 Innisks:

C Nuova 021289

C Il Sillaro 018293.

Pt 358 013298.

Pt 278 014293.

Spur 016297.

To be captured by 2 LIR:

Il Molina Nuova 028294.

Ridge C Calvana 022297 – 016298.

All these objectives constitute Phase A.

Phase B will then place 48 hrs after Phase A is completed and will consist of capturing the ridge from Calcinara 030302 to C Muiano 022315 by two battalions. Tentatively, the 2 Innisks will capture up to C Anzellara 024308 and 1 RIrF the remaining part of the ridge from C Cereto 021310 to C Muiano, leaving 2 LIR on the Calvana ridge as a firm base. One of the main problems to be considered was that of supplies and until the completion of Phase B, no roads will be available for use by jeeps. A time lag is therefore necessary between attacks to allow mules to get up and replenish food and ammunition as everything will have to be carried on the man due to the shocking nature of the ground.

1100 2 Innisks move forward from Castro San Martino to de-busing point. They are to relieve 2 LIR tonight.

1115 One enemy seen between two forward company positions 2 LIR at approx 010291. Patrol went forward to try and catch him but he disappeared out of sight.

1705 Light mortaring on right company 1 RIrF.

1730 Standing patrol 2 LIR at house Pt 156 015287 was attacked. DF was brought down and a platoon rushed up to the house and the situation established by 1830 hrs.

2115 2 Innisks relief of 2 LIR completed without any further incident.

Patrol led by Lieut Beamish, 1 RIrF, to the house at Point 166, had a successful engagement with the enemy. Surprise was lost by the patrol setting off trip flares and booby trapped grenades. On making contact, they had a short fight with grenades and machine guns and then returned.

Lieut Beamish was wounded on a mine on the way back.

2nd December – PASSITEMPI.

0215 Mortaring of 2 Innisks left coy.

0315 Heavy shelling of area 002288.

1200 Heavy mortaring of Il Sasso area. Approximately 95 bombs fell in the coy area.

Eleven shells in Brigade HQ area. No damage.

1615 The enemy started to smoke the house at Point 156 but nothing resulted from this.

1800 Patrol from 2 Innisks reported enemy digging on Point 358 013298. Patrol returned and fighting patrol arranged to go out later on. This second patrol bumped the enemy at Point 356 and withdrew after a short shooting match. They reported two enemy MGs fired from Point 358 and saw enemy moving in single file in area Point 342.

Patrol from 2 Innisks to Casa Nuova was held up by MF fire from 018289.

German patrol was seen in front of C Coy 1 RIrF moving from south to north and scattered on being engaged by SA fire and ran into trip flares and mines. They withdrew down the gully at 008298.

Further patrols from the Irish Fusiliers shot up enemy at Casa Tamagnin 0130 and found unoccupied enemy slits on Point 312 and enemy positions at 017308.

It was an unusual departure of the enemy to leave the Point 312 area alone.

It was a change last night to find the majority of his movement in the Tamagnin area.

3rd December – PASSITEMPI.

Harassing fire was on a reduced scale during the night. There was only light mortaring.

0930 GOC visits Brigade Commander with the CRA to discuss developments of future events.

Brigade Commander visits 2 Innisks and 1 RIrF during the morning and goes up to the OP at Parre le Tombe.

Slight mortaring of forward positions during the day.

2000 Patrols from 1 RIrF shot up five enemy in the Casa Tamagnin area and also found Machine pistols on the track at 009304. This indicated that casualties were caused when a patrol clash took place in this area a few nights previously.

2030 Patrol from 2 Innisks went to Casa Nuova and heard enemy in copse near house. They threw grenades and returned. On reaching house at Point 156 014287, they were fired on from the direction of Casa Nuova.

2200 An enemy patrol was seen moving in a westerly direction from 013297 and disappeared into the gully below Point 278 at 011298. They were attacked by 2 inch mortars of B Coy 2 Innisks and C Coy, 1 RIrF. Patrols, which went out later on the gully, found no signs of casualties inflicted.

4th December – PASSITEMPI.

0300 Patrol from 2 Innisks went back to Casa Nuova and found nothing after searching the area.

0930 GOC and CRA visits Brigade Commander.

1630 Il Sasso and Casa di Lucca 0029 were mortared until 1900 hrs.

1900 Slight HF on Brigade HQ area.

Patrol from 2 Innisks to Casa Nuova found an unoccupied slit trench but came up against a minefield. An officer remained with a wounded man but stretcher party attempting to give assistance was pinned down by fire from 019290 and could get no further. Officer and man eventually did not return.

1 RIrF fighting patrol clashed with the enemy at 011305.

5th December – PASSITEMPI.

Considerable HF during the night.

0500 Concentration of 50 round landed in the Brigade HQ.

1115 Enemy crawled up to 2 Innisks OP at 011299 and took one man PoW. His ability to do this was due to the very heavy mist prevailing in the area.

1500 CO 56 Recce Regiment and small officer group arrived at Brigade HQ. Two squadrons are to be under command 38 Brigade as from D Day and are to take over forward positions when the attack goes in.

Arrangements were made for them to stay the night and do further recces next morning.

1815 Heavy HF on San Clemente.

Patrols during the night all reported NTR.

Harassing fire on 2 Innisks’ bttn area during the night. the Irish Fusiliers had a quiet night.

6th December – PASSITEMPI.

0745 2 Innisks platoon position at 009299 raided by small enemy force. Attack beaten off but 2 men are missing.

Slight HF during the day.

1900 Recce party 2 LIR arrived Brigade HQ. They all spent the night at Brigade HQ. 2 LIR are to relieve 1 RIrF in positions tomorrow.

7th December – PASSITEMPI.

2 Innisks reported minefield recce patrol of four cows was driven off by enemy mortaring at first attempt to approach Casa Nuova minefield. After being rallied at house Point 156 015287, they made a second attempt. This time enemy mortaring behind the cows results in their crossing the minefield at high speed towards the enemy. No mines were exploded.

Fairly heavy mortar and artillery HF in bttn area during the afternoon.

1925 Relief of 1 RIrF by 2 LIR completed without incident.

Rains started during the evening and was persistently heavy during the night. The four cows came back during the night and reverted to command 2 Innisks.

Slight enemy mortar and artillery HF in bttn area during the afternoon.

8th December – PASSITEMPI.

Rain all day.

1100 Enemy movement seen by 2 Innisks at 015293.

Slight mortar fire in bttn area.

1330 The MP for Ipswich, Mr Stokes and Lt-Col Profumo visit Brigade Commander. They wished to see the conditions of front line troops generally and to learn our complaints and needs and our views in general. It was impossible for them to visit a bttn due to the time factor and a walk up a nearby hill to see the ground proved fruitless due to the rain and mist. Lt Col Bredin, Commander 2 LIR, came down to Brigade HQ to see them and also Rev D Kelleher RA ChD.

Rfn Barry 2 LIR spoke to Mr Stokes and in general expressed and represented the thoughts and wishes of the men themselves.

A telegram was later received thanking the Brigade Commander for his hospitality and how interested and impressed Mr Stokes was with everything he saw.

Visibility was very much reduced during the afternoon due to the heavy mists and rain.

Considerable enemy MT movement was heard up till midnight and vehicle lights were seen on the track leading up to Casa Murano 022315. Lights, believed to be torches were also seen in the Tamagnin area and gave every indication that a relief was taking place.

Shelling during the night including some phosphorous shells on A Coy 2 Innisks at Point 165 009287.

9th December – PASSITEMPI.

A quiet day. Very slight harassing fire. A light gun fired on to the Boston Byway during the morning (Boston Byway is the track leading to the Mule Point at La Casetta 995002).

Rain stopped during the day and visibility improved.

Patrol from 2 Innisks observed enemy estimated to be two sections dug in north and south of Point 358 013298.

Patrol from 2 LIR heavily fired on from 016304.

There was considerable mortar and MG HF during the night.

10th December – PASSITEMPI.

1100 Movement seen at Point 358 by 2 Innisks.

Again a light gun, probably a 75 mm infantry gun, harassed left coy 2 LIR during the morning.

Excellent visibility all day.

1735 Single enemy aircraft flew over Brigade HQ and nearby gun area and dropped a bomb in area 9827 south of River Sillaro. Considerable LAA fire was directed against the aircraft.

2 Innisks patrol to Point 358 found 4 unoccupied trenches. Enemy withdrew as patrol approached. Patrol to 016294 reached 016290 and heard movement area Sillaro, then moved to 018289. Further enemy movement heard and patrol fired on.

11th December – PASSITEMPI.

0800 Left coy 2 LIR received 50 shells on one hour.

0845 Enemy shelled Brigade HQ area and Sillaro valley.

1600 CO 1 RIrF arrives with advance party and stays the night at Brigade HQ.

2200 2 Innisks patrol to 018288 found enemy weapon pits south of road 100 – 150 yards from Casa Nuova 021288 and another at 019288. Enemy MG observed to fire across river from Casa Nuova. Patrol to Point 358 drew blank and two men left as listening post during day, 12 Dec.

12th December – PASSITEMPI.

0700 Left coy 2 LIR harassed by shell and mortar fire.

Enemy attack 19 Infantry Brigade at same time area Casa Nuova 005317, Monte Cerere 004318 and Frassineto. Left coy 2 LIR engaged enemy with MGs and mortars and are believed to have inflicted casualties. Enemy attack finally beaten off at about 0900 hrs and enemy seen withdrawing and engaged with small arms from laft coy 2 LIR.

Harassing fire continued on left coy 2 LIR for the remainder of the day.

Quiet night with slight HF.

13th December – PASSITEMPI.

Quiet day.

1400 A small enemy raid was repulsed by 19 Infantry Brigade in the Monte Cerere section. 1 RIrF moved forward during the morning from Castro San Martino and relieved 2 LIR in left sector. 2 LIR then moved down hill and took over right sector from 2 Innisks, who moved back to Castro San Martino.

All reliefs were completed by 1935 hrs without incident.

This double relief took place so that the impending attack down the road to Castel San Pietro would not find us with battalions in the wrong positions. Plans had been made with each battalion being given a specific objective and each day gave further opportunities for Commanders to make recces and study the ground. It was therefore undesirable for battalions to be suddenly told to go for another objective, originally given to one of the other battalions and therefore to keep them in the right position preparatory to the attack, this double relief was carried out.

Slight mortaring of left coy 1 RIrF during the night and about 20 shells fell in the Bttn HQ area 2 LIR around midnight.

14th December – PASSITEMPI.

Attacks by 36 Brigade as preliminary to the impending Divisional attack were not successful. Operation may or may not take place 16/17 Dec.

The road to area 005286 was mortared during the day.

Enemy situation:

II Bttn 289 Regiment has now been identified on the 8th Army front and it is presumed that 3 Para Regiment has now extended its boundary southwards to the River Sillaro bringing another battalion into the line.

1500 GOC and CRA visit Brigade Commander.

1620 One shell from our own 75 mm guns fell in 1 RIrF area.

1830 Very lights seen in area Monte Merlo.

2150 Castel del Rio heavily shelled by 17 cm and 21 cm calibre guns. Considerable damage to Rear HQ 78 Division. The Brigade Admin Points escaped and very slight damage was caused in their areas.

15th December – PASSITEMPI 979283.

0200 Patrol from 2 LIR returns from area Casa Il Sillaro. They located enemy listening post at 018290, who threw grenades at them. This started up general firing of MGs from the direction of Casa Il Sillaro.

0415 Enemy patrol about 20 strong attacked platoon 1 Surreys in Casino Bernadi 015283. Platoon 2 LIR at Pt 156 014287 fired on 6 enemy seen on far side River Sillaro at 0430 hrs.

Patrols from 1 RIrF returned NMS. Lights were seen in area Pt 166 019303.

Slight shelling.

Major JD Stewart (8 A & SH) 2.i.c. 1 RIrF leaves the brigade to assume command of 6 RWK (36 Brigade).

0800 Brigade Commander leaves for Castro San Martino. He is going to spend the night with 2 Innisks in this area.

0830 Lt Col Bredin arrives and assumes temporary command of the brigade, Quiet day. Morning mist. Clear for rest of day, becoming colder towards evening.

1900 2 LIR reports enemy laying smoke canisters on the Sillaro ridge. This may have been a ruse to distract attention from an enemy patrol that later approached forward platoon 2 LIR at house Pt 156 014287 and was dispersed by Mortar DF.

Patrol from 2 LIR was sent out to search area beyond house but found nothing.

16th December – PASSITEMPI 979283.

Patrols from 1 RIrF report Casa Tamagnin occupied and weapon pits occupied at 013302.

1200 Considerable enemy movement was seen in the Casa Muiano sector 022315 and engaged by artillery and MGs.

1205 Fighting bombers bombed and strafed Il Molino Nuovo 028294. Reserves not observed due to smoke.

1900 Digging party from 1 RIrF went out to 013303 to dig slit trenches for future use.

Patrol from 2 LIR to 018292 reached objective. NTR.

17th December – PASSITEMPI 979283.

0200 Small enemy patrol approached left coy 2 LIR but withdrew without contact.

1100 Movement seen on track just south of Casa Sillaro and area stonked.

1600 Brigade Commander returns. Lt-Col HEN Bredin DSO MC returns to his own battalion.

1830 Patrol going to take up positions at culvert 017286 found enemy already there. Own patrol returned and DF was brought down.

1900 Patrol to 018290 from 2 LIR was fired on by estimated enemy section from this area. This is thought to be one of the night positions of a platoon occupying Casa Nuova 021289 by day.

18th December – PASSITEMPI 979283.

Remaining patrols NTR. MGs fired during the night from the direction of Casa Anzellara 023308. Very slight shelling.

0750 Enemy spotted on ridge 008301 and fired on.

1245 Rifle fire heard from Casa Tamagnin 013303.

Spasmodic mortar fire during the day.

1845 Patrol from 2 LIR to culvert 017288 exchanged grenades and SA fire with enemy patrol advancing down road from Casa Nuova. Own patrol withdrew on hearing another enemy patrol coming down river bed and threatening to get in behind them.

In order to stem the flow of enemy nuisance raids and active patrolling, it has been necessary during the past fortnight to increase our own patrolling to the maximum and keep the enemy at bay. Due to the postponement of the impending Corps attack to assist the 8th Army, it was decided to carry out one or two large scale raids to liquidate small enemy platoon positions.

The RIrF planned such a raid on Casa Tamagnin 013303 to be followed by a platoon raid on the house at Pt 166 019303.

2030 D Coy RIrF moved forward to attack Casa Tamagnin. Platoon of C Coy was all ready to move through to attack Pt 166. D Coy reached Tamagnin which consists of two houses. The first house was unoccupied and booby trapped and the second one barricaded and heavily defended. There was heavy MG and Schmeisser fire from this house and supporting MG fire came from the ridge at 0155301 and Casa Cereto area. D Coy, in the meantime, fired into the house with everything they had and two PIATs fired 4 bombs, each scoring hits on house but made no material damage. A final assault by D Coy on the blockaded house was checked by a counter attack coming from the area Pt 342 and ridge at 015301. 3” Mortar DF was brought down and the coy withdrew. Enemy casualties in the house were thought to be about 6.

The platoon raid on Pt 166 was cancelled and a recce patrol went out instead. They were challenged from enemy in the area 018305, who appeared to be able to cover the house at Pt 166 very effectively by fire.

On return to their original positions, D Coy was mortared causing some casualties and so also was the OP from which the CO watched the battle.

The CO and several others were wounded.

The CO – Lt Col J Coldwell-Horsfall DSO MC was peppered in the lower right leg. He remained at the Bttn HQ 1 RIrF until the morning.

19th December – PASSITEMPI 979283.

Lt Col J Coldwell-Horsfall admitted to ADS. Major M Palmer assumes command of 1 RIrF and is promoted to the rank of Lt Col.

Slight movement by the enemy seen during the day and there was slight mortaring of our positions.

GOC 78 Division visited the Brigade Commander. Brigade Commander then went up to see 1 RIrF in their positions.

1845 2 LIR patrol to the culvert clashed with the enemy, who retired after a short scrap. White flares then went up and enemy DF was brought down on the culvert.

2145 HQ 2 LIR was nebelled. No damage.

20th December – PASSITEMPI 979283.

Patrol from 2 LIR to Pt 358 014298 at first light reported hearing MT movement of vehicles.

1000 A deserter from 2 Coy, 3 Para Regiment was picked up at Valley Farm 013288 by right coy 2 LIR.

He was a young lad from Luxembourg and was employed in a company as a runner. Consequently, he knew the positions of his coy and answered every question put to him to the best of his advantage. Enemy positions, HQs, supply routes and all other information required concerning I Bttn 3 Para Regiment was forthcoming and enabled us to work a considerable and extensive harassing fire plan.

1945 2 Innisks completed relief of 2 LIR in positions.

2 LIR proceed back to Castro San Martino and prepare to enjoy the Christmas festivities to the full.

An intercept was received during the evening, originated from the 1 Para Mortar Battalion saying that a patrol to liquidate Valley Farm 013288 was cancelled due to deserter and chance of betrayal. The deserter from Luxembourg had mentioned this patrol, its strength, armament, possible times and route. How fantastic that the enemy should confirm a deserter’s statement.

In actual fact, an enemy patrol did approach our standing patrol at 007290 but it withdrew when engaged.

21st December – PASSITEMPI 979283.

0310 Nebel fired again. This time, on left forward coy 2 Innisks.

Slight harassing fire during day.

2045 Patrol from 2 Innisks to gully 017288 returned after fire fight with the enemy and DF brought down on enemy patrol.

22nd December – PASSITEMPI 979283.

0400 Enemy patrol approached standing patrol 2 Innisks by house 013289. A sharp fire fight ensued in which the enemy patrol commander was seriously wounded and take prisoner. He belonged to 2 Coy, 3 Para Regiment.

The Irish Fusiliers had a quiet night on the whole.

0950 Fighter bombers bombed and strafed Casa Cereto 020310.

1230 Fighter bombers strafed Casa Razzaneri and set the houses on fire. Later, the enemy was forced to evacuate the house and were shot up by 1 Surreys’ MMGs and also those of 2 Innisks.

1515 Enemy party was seen working on the bridge 028293 and engaged by MMGs.

1620 Slight shelling HQ 2 Innisks and heavy shelling of area 000287 and San Clemente.

Slight harassing fire on forward coys 1 RIrF.

2200 Enemy patrol made determined attack on gully at 017288 and withdrew.

23rd December – PASSITEMPI 979283.

0715 Enemy shelled area 008287 to San Clemente to Pt 287 011288.

Subsequent identification proved these shells to be of 260 mm calibre belonging to an Italian gun firing at maximum range of 9,000 yards.

This shelling lasted till about 1100 hrs.

The first fall of snow occurred today.

About a quarter of inch fell during the day, but increased as the evening drew on.

1600 1 RIrF mortared Tamagnin causing fires, which were soon extinguished.

24th December – PASSITEMPI 979283.

Slight shelling during the night which continued at intervals during the day.

Preparations commenced for the Christmas Day festivities. These could only be appreciated to the full by the London Irish, who were back at Castro San Martino in the Brigade Rest Area.

Heavy snow during the night covered the whole countryside in a white pall. The snow stopped during the day. Snow fell again during the night.

25th December – PASSITEMPI 979283.

Christmas Day – NTR.

Messages of goodwill were received from nearly all units in the division and cards from many others, who remembered their happy and pleasant association with the Irish Brigade in the past.

Christmas Messages were received from the Commander in Chief, from General Mark Clark commanding 15 Army Group and also Lt-Gen SC Kirkman Commander 13 Corps.

Brigade Commander visited 1 RIrF and 2 Innisks during the morning and went round all the coy positions that it was possible to reach during daylight.

The men of Brigade HQ were given an excellent feast considering the difficulties of the situation and both the Divisional Commander and Brigade Commander addressed them wishing them a Happy Christmas. The officers entertained various officers of the Brigade Group at midday and attended a formal dinner in the evening. Three pipers played round the table and the evening finished with the singing of traditional songs of the Irish Brigade.

26th December – PASSITEMPI 979283.

Two prisoners were taken just before dawn by the 2 Innisks standing patrol at 012286. The belonged to a Standing Patrol of 2 Coy 3 Para Regiment at 018290 and, leaving, one of our own patrols in the area, had attempted with two others to encircle our patrol. The PoW lost their way and were taken prisoner.

This was their story but they may well have been deserters for one had a blanket with him on patrol.

Their information was very little but confirmed everything we know of the dispositions of 2 Coy 3 Para Regiment.

2 LIR moved up from Castro San Martino during the day and took over positions from 1 RIrF in their left sector. Relief was completed by 1835 hrs.

1 RIrF returned to Castro San Martino. They are intending to celebrate their Christmas Day on 29 Dec.

1800 Vehicle movement was heard by 2 Innisks on the track leading up to Casa Anzellara 0230 and shelled by 17 Field Regiment.

Intercepts were received from 1 Para Division indicating that enemy aircraft were going to fly over our area and that the enemy were to put up white very lights every ten minutes. White flares were spotted at 2125 hrs further down the River Sillaro.

27th December – PASSITEMPI 979283.

Patrol activity was curtailed during the night due to good visibility caused by the moonlight reflecting on the snow. The night waste coldest yet experienced and even caused the fast flowing mountain streams to freeze on the surface. Lieut JS Baker (RIrF) LO Brigade HQ goes to HQ 78 Division as LO. His place was taken by Lieut C Heather (Innisks).

Slight enemy movement shelled at 0750 hrs and 1630 hrs.

Due to the possibilities of the enemy coming up the bed of the Sillaro river under cover of the permanent smoke screen at San Clemente ford, especially when the wind is blowing in the direction of the enemy lines, a patrol was ordered to search the ford area at first dark. This patrol consisted of the Camp Commander and men of the Defence Platoon. They reported NMS.

Recce patrol from 2 Innisks to Point 278 014294 were engaged by enemy from this area and also from Point 342 014299.

Spasmodic mortaring at 2200 and 2359 hrs.

Mortar observed at Casa Tamagnin by 2 LIR patrol.

28th December – PASSITEMPI 979283.

Slight HF during the day.

Enemy seen handling 2 light 75 mm guns up to Point 278 and putting them in position. They were possibly dummies, put there to induce our patrols to come up, but at any rate they did not fire.

Brigade Commander visits 2 LIR.

Movement heard at Point 278 014294 and around Tamagnin during the night.

29th December – PASSITEMPI 979283.

GOC visits Brigade Commander.

House Cle di Maleto damaged by 6 pounder shoot and artillery scored several direct hits on the house.

1400 One enemy seen in house of Tamagnin house.

1800 House at Point 165 009286 heavily mortared.

Quiet night. Slight enemy movement seen.

Slight fall of snow during the night.

30th December – PASSITEMPI 979283.

1200 Officer and sniper patrol to 011303 returned safely having been out since dawn, Enemy movement observed at Casa Tamagnin and our own artillery engaged.

1345 Heavy gun shelled Point 156 014286 and continued down the road towards San Clemente. Also shelled left coy 2 LIR 005307.

Slight mortaring 2 LIR area.

Patrols reported enemy movement on Sillaro ridge, four enemy at 009298 who set off trip flare and sounds of digging around Tamagnin.

31st December – PASSITEMPI 979283.

0900 Slight mortaring 2 Innisks area.

1605 Own aircraft strafed gully 017304 and area Monte Castelazzo 0434 starting fire.

Slight harassing fire on 2 LIR during day.

1920 Patrol to knoll 015290 heard MT movement on road. Recce patrol from 2 LIR to Tamagnin house lay up within 16 yards of house. Confirmed area immediately north of house is booby trapped.

The snow is gradually disappearing from the hills but the temperature remains somewhere around freezing point.

In general, a cold north wind has kept up a steady pressure.


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