2 Innisks – March 1945

1st March – FORLI.

0830 Coys carry out normal training. Two on field work and two on assault boat training. I Summary No 1 was issued.  Weather bright and clear.

2nd March – FORLI.

0830 The rifle range was allotted to HQ. Coy for the day and the rifle coys continued with their Field training and assault boat drill. The Rifle Coy Commanders and the IO made a recce of the area over which the exercise Bologna is to take place.

1400 A brigade Boxing tournament was arranged and some very good fights took place and all present had a very enjoyable time.

3rd  March – FORLI.

0900 The Commanding Officer attended a river crossing demonstration given by the 2nd New Zealand Division on the Lamone river.

1645 Bttn enbussed for exercise Moonshine; an exercise designed to test communications and direction finding by night. The Bttn Boxing team, who fought the previous day, did not take part in the exercise as Brigade HQ had arranged a special dinner for the Brigade Boxers.

2200 Exercise Moonshine finished, the chief point being that 38 set operators should be trainer more.

4th March – FORLI.

The bttn was engaged on exercise Bologna; an advance across country dotted with farm houses, with a village to clear at the conclusion. The exercise was in the form of a two coy attack, therefore two coys were exercised in the morning and two in the afternoon; the skeleton Bttn HQ remained for both parts of the exercise.

1145 The bttn received a Warning Order from Brigade HQ that the bttn would be committed operationally 10th /11th March.

1930 All the Sergeants of the bttn were invited to the Officers’ Mess – an enjoyable evening.

5th March – FORLI.

0930 Brigade Church of England Service held in the Apollo Cinema. Major EH Cochrane led the Bttn Parade. The Regimental Drum and Pipe Band attended.

Church Parade for RCs held in St Lucia Church. Lieut MG Murray was in charge of the party.

1400 An RSA Concert for 38th Brigade only at the Esperia Theatre. After Church Parades in the morning, the rest of the day was treated as a holiday. The CO and several officers went to the 1 RIrF Officers Mess for Barossa Day celebrations.

The Sergeants were invited to the 1 RIrF Sergeants’ Mess.

1730 Order for exercise Po issued.

6th March – FORLI.

Exercise Po was carried out by the bttn.

0945 Coys in Assembly area.

1000 O Group.

1032 A Coy move to Flank positions.

1102 A Coy reports in position.

1113 B and C Coys moving to FUP.

1124 B and C Coys in position FUP.

1132 B and C Coys assaulting.

1137 C Coy across the river and in position 397228.

1138 Two footbridges across.

1150 B Coy across and moving forward. Tac HQ also moving forward.

1200 C Coy in position at 387226 and Tac HQ at 395226.

1205 B Coy in position at 392230.

1211 A Coy HQ moving to La Bosca.

1222 A/Tk guns across the river.

1228 A Coy HQ established as La Bosca.

1245 Tac HQ moving forward.

1246 Exercise ends. Coys at 396224.

The following points were learned from the exercise, the following instructions must be carried out by the Beachmaster.

  1. Crossings to be marked for the type of bridge to be used.
  2. Crossings to be given Code names or type of bridge named.
  3. A responsible NCO to be at each crossing in touch by line to the Beachmaster.
  4. Routes to crossings should be taped at night.
  5. Beachmaster in touch at all times by phone and constant information passed by Beachmaster to CO Infantry on boats or bridges or type of traffic and availability of crossing.

Major GRP Findlater taken on strength of the Bttn and becomes 2/i/c.

7th March – FORLI.

Conference at Brigade re Training.

8th March – FORLI.

Normal training in the morning. Movement Order No 1 issued.

0930 The CO paid a visit to the Bttn HQ of the 2/5 Queens for the information on the area prior to our take over.

1210 CO’s conference on the new area and the type of country and fighting to be met there.

1500 Flame Throwing Demonstration.

9th March – FORLI.

Preparations were begun for move of the bttn. Movement Order No 2 issued.

0830 CO, IO, Coy Commanders and platoon representatives on advance party, went to recce new area.

The CO is pleased to announce the immediate award of the MM to 6976857 CSM J Nolan MM.

10th March – GRANAROLO.

The bttn spent the morning in making final preparations for the move.

1345 Btttn left Forli under command Major Nixon MC and travelled without incident to the debussing point at Granarolo 354321. Here, they were met by guides supplied by the 2/5 Queens, who led coys as far as their respective coys, and from there on, they were taken on by our own platoon representatives.

1445 A few necessary Bttn HQ vehicles arrived at Bttn HQ (348316), Signal truck, Intelligence truck etc, ahead of the bttn to fit up Bttn HQ as they came in.

1515 Bttn debussed at Granarolo and marked to their coy areas.

1630 A Coy completed their take over and were established with their Coy HQ at 33383300, one platoon at 33303367, one at 33203355 and the Reserve Platoon at 33303334. Positions on the floodbank were well prepared and two sniper tunnels were built. Platoons had grenades in their positions.

1700 The CO made his routine visit to all coys.

1715 C Coy had two platoons in position at 331334 and 331333, with Coy HQ at 332333. The past platoon was waiting until dark before going to its position at 329334.

1730 D Coy were complete in their reserve area, Coy HQ and two platoons at 346318 and one platoon at 342321.

11th March – GRANAROLA.

0100 B Coy sent a patrol from their platoon at 327333 to the floodbank at 326335. When they were about to cross a single strand of wire at the bottom of the bank, a Spandau opened up on a fixed line on the patrol’s approach route, grenades were also thrown  but these fell short. The Patrol went to ground and a few minutes later, a Spandau fired from another position further right. The Patrol then withdrew and the platoon engaged the positions with LMG and 2” Mortars. The remainder of the night saw normal harassing fire by both sides and grenade duels on the floodbank.

0630 A Troop of Tanks under Bttn Command were relieved by another troop of the Bays and occupied the same area (335325).

1000 2 Innisks I Summary issued.

1015 The CO made his routine visit to all coys.

During the day, two men were seen digging in the area of 333336 and were engaged with grenades. Enemy snipers were active and two were located, one in a tree at 326336 ad another near the Weir at 333337. Our own snipers were also active and hit a Bosche at 329334. During the night, C Coy erected a sheet 14 foot square across the blow in the floodbank, which was preventing communication between C Coy’s two forward platoons.

2300 B Coy sent out a patrol of one section armed with a PIAT to 323333, these saw no sign of the enemy and returned at 0100 hrs. B Coy also established a listening post at 326334 from dark until dawn. Artillery and Bofors harassed targets on our front during the night.

12th March – GRANAROLA.

Floodbank activity consisting of grenade duels took place during the night and some verey lights and Rifle grenades were fired down the San Severo road. C Coy observed two enemy crossing the bridge at 330334 and engaged them with SA hitting one. There was light harassing fire with Spandau and Artillery on the bttn front during the night and our own guns replied with our own HF.

0725 Tracked vehicles were heard on the far side of the river on A Coy front, moving north from the weir.

0805 B Coy reported the noise of hammering and sawing approximately 100 yards on the far side of their right platoon. 3” Mortars put a quick concentration down on this area and harassed periodically for the next two hours.

0900 I Summary No 3 issued.

0945 Owing to the large number of grenades used each night by coys in the floodbank area, they were finding difficulty in resting their men, as it took most of the day to prepare the grenades, to be used at night. Therefore, a working party from the reserve coy (D) was set to work at Bttn HQ under the RSM and grenades were sent off ready, cleaned and primed

0950 A working party was heard on the far side of the river.

1000 The CO paid his usual routine visit to all coys. Lt Col Bredin DSO MC and 2.i.c. arrived from 2 LIR and visited forward positions of the bttn.

1100 Digging party working in blow at top of B Coy’s road, engaged by 2” Mortar and snipers. Working party then disappeared.

1115 B Coy’s left platoon (11) reports sounds of digging on a sound bearing of 296 degrees.

1145 Brigade Commander visited Bttn HQ and discussed recent activity and future intentions with the CO.

1230 B Coy’s right platoon being relieved by reserve platoon tonight. 6 LOBs sent to A, B, and C Coys for work in Coy HQ, grenade cleaning etc.

1830 Weather report received from Division reports that fog is expected between 2000 hrs and 1100 hrs.

1910 Three shells (2 dud) on Granarola. Information re Polish mine areas and Listening Post, mine area 32233290, 31833246, 31833278. Listening Post 32083288.

1925 HSR from C Coy.

1955 210 mm guns continue to harass B Coys area. CR firing bombard from 36 guns on to known enemy heavy gun position believed guilty. Spandau fire position being visited by Battle Patrol, opened up across B Coy’s front.

2030 Patrol from B Coy reached floodbank and inspected house there. House no longer exists as such and no adequate cover, so section established itself in a house at 32353320 and remained there.

2120 White verey light went up from position being visited by Sgt Doherty.

2130 Spandau and grenades from patrol area.

2140 Battle Patrol returned, 4 casualties, two serious, two light. Also, two of C Coy wounded when they went forward to assist patrol. Enemy brought mortar stonk on area, when cries of wounded were heard.

13th March – GRANAROLO.

Report on B Coy Patrol to gap on floodbank – the patrol moved up the axis of the road towards the floodbank for a short distance when it was fired on by rifle grenades. The patrol then lay up for 14 minutes while their 2” mortars engaged the target area, after which they moved on to within 20 yards of the bank. Here, a man’s head was seen to appear in the gap in the bank and more rifle grenades were fired at the patrol. The patrol pressed on and reached the bottom of the bank. There was no wire there and the prisoners with the patrol began to prod for mines, none were found. The enemy was continuously throwing grenades by this time and, as there was nothing further to gain, the patrol returned.

1000 The CO made his usual routine visit to all coys.

1530 The CO made his usual routine visit to all coys.

2110 A number of white verey lights were soon over 11 Platoon area.

2115 C Coy reports one verey light up over 13 Platoon. Enemy stretcher party crossed bridge and took away one stretcher case, believed leg blown off. Success attributed to 77 Grenades, which lit up targets and allowed firers to get to work.

2300 The position cleared by Sgt Doherty has not fired since his attack (confirmed by 11 Platoon Commander who kept a special watch).

2350 B Coy report new Spandau position 60 degree right of tank blow, firing behind C Coy. This tank blow has been cut deeper in the last two days, probably to enable shoot from opposite bank.

14th March – GRANAROLO.

0730 D Coy reports that they are going to test weapons abt 1000 hrs.

0800 B Coy reports sounds of digging and clanking from floodbank where San Severo track joins the floodbank. Our own guns engaged the target area.

0815 The Troop Commander went to contact B Coy.

0835 B Coy’s LMG fired at suspected tunnel and one enemy was observed running past the gap.

0840 B Coy report 25 pounder direct on target.

0850 Report from B Coy. Six direct hits by own tank in area where digging was in progress. No further has been heard.

Intentions night 14/15 March. Recce patrol to 324334 to investigate position where enemy heard digging. Listening post to 323333. Both parties out at 2230 hrs.

1300 2 Innisks ‘I’ Summary issued to all coys.

1945 A Polish SP gun arrived unexpectedly behind Bttn HQ with the intention of firing at 2030 hrs. The Bttn had no warning of this and the gun was allowed to fire.

15th March – GRANAROLO.

0530 All coys and Bttn HQ ‘Standing To’ (Normal).

0835 B Coy report MMGs fired at suspected tunnel, one Bosche seem to run post gap shortly after.

0950 A Coy report that right forward platoon heard shouting and screaming from direction of Faughs’ left forward coy. Sgt Malone (left forward platoon) reported seeing white flag.

2 Innisks ‘I’ Summary No 6 issued. The CO made his usual routine visit to coys.

1050 Faughs report that one enemy shot in front of left forward coy. Enemy with white flag believed to give themselves up.

1405 B Coy report one prisoner taken. Brigade IO informed.

1535 B Coy reports 2nd prisoner.

1710 The CO made his usual routine visit to coys.

1736 C Coy report mortar fire in coy area.

1827 A Coy report that their coy sniper shot one Bosche at 1030 hrs.

2035 A Coy right hand platoon reports tracked vehicles to half right about 500 yards away.

2036 A Coy reports one casualty from rifle grenades bursting on the bank.

2055 A Coy reports left forward platoon ‘Standing To’, it is suggested enemy massing.

MMGs fire on task Sugar.

2100 C Coy report 4 men crossing bridge, fired upon and one ran back.

2115 A Coy fired upon from top of bank by automatics. Platoon ‘Standing To’.

2130 C Coy report the three men crossing back across the bridge and were scuttled, screaming was heard. Platoon stood down.

16th March – GRANAROLO.

Weather fine and clear.

The morning was uneventful, our 3” mortars registering targets on the floodbank being the only activity.

1550 One man in C Coy was wounded by an enemy sniper.

1745 While B Coy were registering an enemy position at 323333 with their 2” mortars, a near hit caused an enemy sniper to run out and disappear down the bank.

Three 210 mm shells fell in the area 33503325, wounding one man of the 3” mortars.

1900 The CO made his usual tour of the coy positions.

The night was much quieter than usual, the floodbank activity being on a reduced scale and enemy harassing fire both Artillery and Spandau were much less than normal

17th March – GRANAROLO.

0403 Enemy rockets were launched at the floodbank in front of C and A Coys’ positions and this, coupled with unusual noise and movement on the opposite side of the river caused Artillery DF fire to be called for on that area.

0415 Enemy replied with his own DF using Artillery , mortars and rockets and this fire killed one man and wounded another in A Coy area.

0427 Situation was normal again

0530 The CO paid a visit to C Coy and went to the floodbank to learn the facts of the night’s activity.

0550 C Coy reported that the end of an enemy footbridge could be seen protruding above the enemy’s bank and also that the existing bridge in front of them was broken. The remainder of the night saw only normal floodbank activity of grenade and light mortar duels and one man in A Coy (Sgt Boyd) was wounded by SA.

0630 Observers reported that some of the rockets fired appeared to explode in a great sheet of flame and as two were known not to have exploded, a request for them to be brought in was sent to B Coy.

0700 The rocket arrived at Bttn HQ and was found to be a 32 cm Wurfgerat, the charge head of which was empty and smelled strongly of crude petrol or creosote. A CM representative from Divisional HQ took one away for examination and the other was kept as a n exhibit.

1200 ‘I’ Summary No 8 issued.

1220 Two men were seen fighting at 322372 and B Coy fired on them with 2” mortars, wounding one of them.

1300 A St Patrick’s Day lunch was given at Bttn HQ and attended by all Coy Commanders, plus Major Blake MC and Captain Vincent from B Echelon and Brigadier O’Brien Twohig, who commanded the bttn up to the fall of Rome. After lunch, the Brigade Commander called in to give his greeting accompanied by the BM.

1740 One of B Coy’s snipers recorded another hit on a Bosche.

1745 An enemy sniper wounded one man of C Coy.

1900 A programme broadcast by 8th Army for the Irish Brigade was not heard by many of the bttn owing to lack of sets.

18th March – GRANAROLO.

0055 Left platoon of C Coy heard on enemy working party digging on east side of eastern floodbank and MMGs were fired on the area.

0130 This party was still working and this time they were engaged with artillery and 3” mortars. These successfully broke the party up and a patrol sent out from C Coy to investigate reported no continuation of the digging. Unfortunately, one shell from the artillery shoot fell short.

Phosphorous smoke grenades were thrown at the left platoon of C Coy (platoon D Coy under command) but fell on the top of the bank.

0430 Vehicles were heard moving on the far side of the river at approximately 327335.

0515 Normal stand to. Till 0615hrs.

0825 2 LIR on our right informed us of their intentions to clear mines with tanks in area 336377 at 1100 hrs using smoke.

0955 An enemy Red Cross party was seen to collect in casualties from the east side of the river and evacuate them via the footbridge at 327335. ‘I’ summary No 9 issued.

1055 Spitfires attacked a church 292358, which provided observation of the bttn area.

1150 Spitfires made another attack on the church at 292358.

1240 2 LIR gave the information that mine clearing would take place again at 1500 hrs and request A Coy on their left to watch for a sniper that had been troubling them during the morning.

1410 B Coy sniper hit an enemy sniper, who was later seen to be hanging over the side of his trench.

1450 Four shells landed around C Coy HQ. Bearing sent to CBO. No casualties.

1830 C Coy report that the enemy is using rafts at the bridge site 327335.

B Coy warned to “Stand To” till 1930 hrs.

An FSS representative visited Bttn HQ to discuss the problem of civilians who were suspected of being the culprits in the cutting of telephone wires, which had occurred recently.

2125 The enemy threw three egg grenades into A Coy positions, slightly injuring three men. Evacuation not necessary.

2142 B Coy report enemy transport on the road running north west from 320332. This was engaged by artillery.

19th March – GRANAROLO.

Normal floodbank activity for most of the night. Weather, fine and clear, light cloud.

0550 A Coy destroyed an enemy bridge at 332336 with their PIAT.

0600 C Coy’s right Platoon Commander Lieut GH Murray MC was killed by a burst of Spandau fire from the opposite side of the river. A section commander, who was with him, was also wounded. Arrangements were made for C Coy to have more brushwood for the top of the bank in order to permit better facilities for observing over the bank,

0840 Troop of Bays asked permission to test their 76 mm and MMGs. Permission was given and all concerned warned.

0900 Spent bullets were falling in B Coy’s area and brigade informed us it was thought to be our own guns from further along the river and caused through the river bending. Considerable difficulty was had in controlling civilians, who having come into the bttn area with a road repairing party of REs wandered off to search the houses. Four were taken to the FSS and a warning issued to others.

1145 Divisional Commander called in to see the CO and discussed recent activities with him.

1415 A Corporal of A Coy lost his foot on  a Schu mine, which was in the ditch at the side of the road near the forward platoons.

1425 B Coy sniper scored another kill on an enemy seen at 322332.

1510 Brigade Commander arrived and discussed general activities with the CO.

1900 CO made his routine tour of coys.

2245 B Coy reported the sound of tracked vehicles moving left to right on the other side of the river in front of their positions and this information was passed to CBO in case it should prove to be an SP gun.

2300 C Coy report tanks moving due north in front of their left platoon and stopped about 1,000 yards beyond the river.

20th March – GRANAROLO.

The whole night had been much quieter and even the floodbank activity had been on a reduced scale. The line protection patrol had not seen any movement but it is interesting to note that since this patrol was started, there had been no further incidents of cut telephone cables.

Weather fine with light cloud.

0730 One section of B Coy, supported by two tanks, made an attempt to reach the floodbank at 323333. Positions on the right were smoked and those on the left were neutralised by MMG and LMG fire. The advance went well up to the foot of the bank, very little resistance being met. When the officer leading the party started climbing the bank, a Schmeisser opened up from the house at 32233323 at short range, killing the officer, Lieut M Young, and wounding the man immediately behind him. The enemy outpost withdrew and were fired on as they retreated along the river bank

1000 The gunner OP at San Severo saw some extensive digging on the enemy side of the river at 32053304 and registered one gun on the spot.

1045 The enemy put down a concentration of mortar fire at 324332.

1050 The Brigade Commander arrived and discussed with the CO the results and effects of the morning’s attack on the enemy outpost on the river bank.

1445 Coy and platoon representatives from 1 RIrF looked over area in preparation for the bttn relief on the 21st.

1830 Our own section and the tanks returned to their base.

1850 Thirteen enemy were seen moving from left to right along the river bank at 324334.

1915 Digging heard in front of B Coy’s left forward section at 323332 and, shortly after, a Panzerfaust fired at the house but the round fell short. Three men were seen to disappear over the bank when this incident occurred and the platoon immediately fired into the area with PIAT bombs.

More enemy vehicle movement was heard during the night but generally  the night was much quieter than usual, the floodbank activity too, being on a much reduced scale.

21st March – GRANAROLO.

0500 B Coy’s 2” Mortars fired on an enemy position at 327335 and screams and yells were heard.

0900 CO went off to Russi with Brigade Commander to attend a cloth model exercise on the use of Kangaroos and tanks in an armoured battle. Major Findlater, the Bttn 2.i.c. came to the Command Post, to command the bttn in the absence of the CO as he was not expected back until evening, by which time the relief of the bttn would be nearly complete.

1000 The vehicles with stores moved off to the reserve bttn area and the RIrF vehicles arrived at Bttn HQ to begin the establishment of their Command Post.

1345 The Army Commander and Lieut Gen Nye visited Bttn HQ and discussed several points

1400 1 RIrF Bttn HQ Staff arrived and our own Bttn HQ Staff less CO and IO left command of the Adjutant. Transport had been arranged for all coys in the form of 15 cwts running a shuttle service to the new area; the embussing point being on the track running past Bttn HQ.

1500 D Coys relief completed and the coy marched to the embussing point where sufficient 15 cwts were waiting for them

1535 C Coy’s two platoons relieved and marched back to the embussing point. Transports for the m due at 1600 hrs.

1540 RAP and S Coy completed reliefs and moved off. Communications manned throughout by 1 RIrF personnel.

1645 Reserve platoon of B Coy, Pioneers and SBs were relieved and were on their way back. This completed the relief of all troops that could get out in daylight. The others, ie one platoon C Coy and three platoons of B Coy, will be relieved at first dark.

2010 C Coy completed relief of last platoon. B Coy still one platoon to relieve.

22nd March – GRANAROLA.

1100 The Church Army Canteen paid a visit to Bttn HQ.

1200 CO’s Conference. Programme issued re future training and arrangements made for improving billets. Admin Order No 2 issued.

1530 The CO paid a visit to all coy areas. The day was spent in cleaning and improving billets. One coy each day to be Duty Company and to be ready to move at an hour’s notice to defend Granarolo crossroads until the rest of the bttn arrived, in the event of an enemy counter attack. The IO paid a visit to the area where the scheme ‘Hosanna’ was to be held.

23rd March – GRANAROLO.

0900 Coy Commander of B Coy and a Platoon Commander of D plus Signals RSO IO went to Massa 5121, to watch the exercise ‘Hosanna’ being carried out.

1400 Coy Commanders of A, C, D Coys visited Massa for the same purposes. Pullover Order was adopted by the bttn while in present area.

24th March – GRANAROLO.

0900 Church Parade for C of Es.

0930 Church Parade for RCs.

The bttn was allotted the use of the MBU stationed in the area for the day.

25th March – GRANAROLO.

0645 Bttn embussed and proceeded to area Massa (5121) for Exercise ‘Hosanna’.

1500 Exercise ends.

1630 Bttn embussed and returned to Granarolo

1930 Dinner at Command Post for all officers of the bttn at the invitation of the CO.

26th March – GRANAROLO.

Preparations were started for the bttn move to Forli. Coys started ferrying kit to B Echelon area. Movement Order No 4 issued.


0900 56 Recce party arrived to take over billets.

1045 Bttn Convoy formed up at crossroads 372295.

1100 Bttn convoy moved off.

1200 Bttn arrives at Forli and occupied billets held on previous visit.

1615 B Echelon left for Forli.

1700 B Echelon arrived at Forli. CO, 2.i.c., IO RSO and Company Commanders attended a conference at brigade on Hosanna Exercise.

28th March – FORLI.

1000 CO’s Orders. Personnel mentioned in Brigade Orders received Brigade certificates from the CO. Arrangements were made for the St Patrick’s Day Celebrations to be held on the 29th. Lieut PIM Foort and Lieut DM hill taken on strength of bttn.

There was a bath allotment at St Patrick’s Barracks (1 RIrF) for A, B, C Coys. 

29th March – FORLI.

0930 Bttn Church Parade. The Regimental Pipe Band had led the parade as far as the Esperia Theatre. At this point the C of E’s Parade, led by Major EH Cochrane, marched to the British Church and the RC’s Parade carried on to the Catehdral led by Major PL Blake MC.

1100 Brigade formed up on St Andrew’s Square for address by the Corps Commander and Brigadier Scott. After the address, the Commander distributed Shamrock to all the Officers. After morning parades, the remainder of the day was treated as a holiday. The Bttn Vino Bar opened at 1300 hrs to 1400 hrs and Vino was served free in the evening from 1800 hrs to 2300 hrs.

1630 Officers v Sergeants Football match. The Regimental Pipe Band was in attendance.

1730 ENSA show arranged by 2 LIR. 100 ORs were invited to attend from our bttn.

30th March – FORLI.

1200 CO’s Orders.

1300 29 reinforcements arrived from No 2 CRU. Lieut WA Keyworth taken on the strength of the bttn. Baths allotted at St Patricks’ Barracks for D, S and HQ Coys.

31st March – FORLI.

0800 RSM’s Parade. The Regimental Pipe Band was in attendance at the Parade and it attracted quite a bit of attention from the civilian population of Forli.

1100 Order from brigade to say that the Bttn Advance Part to move to A&SH area (11 Brigade) preparatory to bttn taking over and will stay night 1 / 2.

2100 2 Innisks Movement Order No 1 issued.

Tuesday 20th March 1945.

The Commanding Officer is pleased to make the following appointments with effect from the dates shown:

To be paid Acting Sergeants.

6980759 PLS F Lyttle,  C Coy (vice Boyd) – 17.3.45.

6984922 PLS A Malone, A Coy (vice McCusker) – 17.3.45.

To be paid Lance Sergeants.

7043473 ULS J Creighton, C Coy (vice Sheehy) – 13.1.45.

3860491 ULS J Neary, A Coy (vice Lyttle) – 17.3.45.

7043473 ULS J Chatburn MM, D Coy (vice Malone) – 17.3.45.

To be unpaid Lance Sergeant.

6984401 W/Cpl J Meredith, C Coy – 17.3.45.

To be paid Acting Corporals.

6105242 PLS D Carroll, B coy (vice Lyttle) – 17.3.45.

14599087 ULC H Flint, A Coy (vice Lyttle) – 17.3.45.

3772664 ULC C Cornwall, B Coy (vice Malone) – 17.3.45.

7044366 ULC H Hesketh, C Coy (vice Mason) – 19.3.45.

13095825 ULC D Williamson, A Coy (vice Hearn) – 19.3.45.

14381069 ULC R Lloyd, A Coy (vice Weatherfield – 19.3.45.

To be paid Lance Corporals.

6983011 ULC A Durrance, D Coy (vice Cork) – 10.3.45.

7015877 ULC R Dubey, D Coy (vice Carroll) – 12.3.45.

14215384 ULC H Mabey, S Coy (vice Heath) – 10.3.45.

6984154 ULC E Woods, D Coy – 18.3.45.

14379105 ULC T Holmes, HQ Coy – 18.3.45.

14655599 ULC C Knight, B Coy – 18.3.45.

6983044 ULC H Jibb, C Coy – 18.3.45.

To be unpaid Lance Corporal

4752450 Fusilier C Barron, A Coy – 18.3.45.

Transfers Inter Company.

6984730 L/Cpl J O’Reilly from S to HQ Coy – 18.3.45.

6412621 Fusilier E Woodjetts from D to C Coy – 18.3.45.

14641416 Fusilier H Reynolds from D to C Coy – 18.3.45.

14319691 Fusilier G Gaynor from D to C Coy – 18.3.45.

2130405 Fusilier W McKenna from D to C Coy – 18.3.45.

6985893 Fusilier E Goode from D to C Coy – 18.3.45.

6105232 Corporal D Carroll from B to C Coy – 19.3.45.

3772664 Corporal C Cornwall from B to C Coy – 19.3.45.