1 September –EGYPT.

0730 E and F Coys on route march.

0930 H Coy on 30 yards range.

TEWT for Admin personnel on sand table of Monte Castellone.

2 September – EGYPT.

0730 G and H Coys on route march.

1000 Reshuffle of all coys in order to conform the number of personnel to War Establishment.

3 September – EGYPT.

0900 Ceremonial Church Parades to commemorate 5th anniversary of the war.

4 September – EGYPT.

0730 R Coy on route march.

0930 HQ Coy on 30 yards range.

5 September – EGYPT.

0730 S and HQ Coys on route march.

1200 Movement Order No 8 issued. Bttn moving to unknown destination under operational conditions. D Day for move 8/9/44.

6 September – EGYPT.

0730 E and F Coys on route march.

1500 D Day for future move to 9/9/44.

7 September – EGYPT.

0800 Commencement of handing in of accommodation stores.

8 September – EGYPT.

0800 All tents struck. Stocks and baggage handed in.

1200 CO’s lecture on future move.

9 September – EGYPT.

0930 Bttn em-bused for move to docks at Alexandria.

1030 Bttn began to embark on troopship, “Staffordshire”.

Remainder of day in port.

10 September – EGYPT.

Ship still in port.

11 September – EGYPT.

0630 Ship sailed in convoy.

12 to 14 September– AT SEA.

15 September – ITALY.

0700 Convoy arrives at Taranto.

1000 Bttn commences to disembark and embus for camp area.

1230 Bttn arrives at camp. Bttn transport already in camp area.

16 September – ITALY.

Draft of 1 officer and 141 ORs, all ex members of bttn, arrived in camp area.

1030 CO addresses draft on bttn’s future operations.

17 September – ITALY.

0900 CE and RC voluntary church parades.

18 September – ITALY.

0830 Lines, mosquito nets and respirators inspected.

Snipers Course began under supervision of IO.

1000 Bttn inspection of all weapons.

1030 Kit inspections. Rest of day, platoon and section training.

19 September – ITALY.

0700 PT Parade.

0800 Bathing Parades.

Rest of day, platoon and section training.

Divisional Commander visited bttn area.

20 September – ITALY.

0700 PT Parade.

1030 R Coy’s move to Ancona postponed.

21 September – ITALY.

0800 Draft of 26 ORs, transferred to 1 RIrF.

1700 CO’s O Group regarding future moves.

22 September – ITALY.

0800 BD and winter underwear issued. KD and summer underwear handed in.

1400 Brigade boxing tournament.

1500 Bttn warned for move on 25 Sept.

23 September – ITALY.

1500 B Coy and regarded personnel (X R Coy) moved off in transport for sea journey to Ancona.

24 September – ITALY.

0700 Bathing parades.

1000 Loading of stores commenced.

2000 Bttn ready to move at 0500 hrs the following morning

25 September – ITALY.

0500 Bttn moved off in transport to join 38 Brigade Group convoy.

1200 1 hour halt for tea meal.

1515 Bttn Staging Area San Severo.

26 September – ITALY.

0500 Convoy moved off again.

1200 1 hour halt for tea meal.

1530 Bttn arriving at Staging Area Giulianova.

27 September – ITALY.

0500 Convoy left Giulianova.

1500 Convoy arrived in Divisional Concentration Area near Fano.

Bttn HQ in area farm 192697.

Coys bivouacking in surrounding fields.

28 September – ITALY.

0930 CO’s lecture to Coy Commanders on General Situation and possible future roles for bttn. Coy Commanders lectures to coys on same themes.

29 September – ITALY.

0700 PT parade. Coy training for rest of the day.

1400 Bttn Commanders’ conference at Brigade HQ  on Divisional future operations.

1500 Divisional Commander visits bttn area.

30 September – ITALY.

0700 PT parade. Coy training for rest of the day.

0830 CO’s O Group.

1200 Bttn parade for CO’s lecture on future operations.