2 LIR – July 1944


1200 Bttn warned for move back to Tivoli area on 2/7/44. Advance party to leave at 1400 hrs 1/7/44,

1500 TCVs from 4 Indian Division arrive in bttn area.


0400 Bttn cooks’ trucks leave for intermediate area.

0530 Bttn ready to move. Order of march – Bttn HQ,  HQ, E, F, G, H and S Coy, Be Echelon.

0600 Bttn pass Brigade SP.

1400 One hour’s halt for hot meal.

1600 Bttn HQ arrive in area Stazione Lunshezza 899699. All coys and B Echelon in same area.

3 July – TIVOLI.

0900 Bttn cadres recommenced. Parties proceed to Rome on day leave.

4 July – TIVOLI.

0800 All transport (except necessary vehicles to B Echelon in preparation for handover.

0900 Parties proceed to Rome on day leave.

1800 Bttn Sports.

1945 Bttn Sports postponed halfway through owing to arrival of Divisional Concert Party.

5 July – TIVOLI.

0900 Parties leave for day in Rome.

1000 All G 1098 stores to be handed in to QM stores.

1800 Second half of Bttn Sports held. Prizes presented to sections and platoons.

2030 ENSA film show in bttn area.

6 July – TIVOLI.

0900 Usual leave parties to Rome.

Advance parties from 2/7 Queens, 56 Division arrive in bttn area.

7 July – TIVOLI.

0800 Usual leave parties to Rome.

0900 Transport, except for essential vehicles but including AFVs and A/Tk guns handed over to 2/7 Queens.

1800 Lt Col J McCann, Welfare Officer. Rome area and former Second in Command of bttn visited Bttn HQ.

8 July – TIVOLI.

0815 Bttn parade of all RCs to practice drill for forthcoming visit to Vatican City.

1000 Bttn bathing at MBU.

1800 Intercoy football matches – HQ v G, E v H.

9 July – TIVOLI.

0715 Bttn Parade of all RCs and a number of CEs for visit to the Pope and the Vatican City.

1730 Bttn warned for move on following day. All remaining stores packed up.

1900 CO addresses bttn and announce his transfer as CO of 1 RIrF. Lt-Col HEN Bredin, MC, assumes command of the bttn. 

10 July – TIVOLI.

0900 Bttn leaves in TCVs for Prenestina Station.

1030 Bttn arrives at station and boards train,

1200 Train journey begins. 

11 July.

0900 Train halts in siding, south of Frosinone.

1200 Train journey continues.

12 July.

0700 Train halted for one hour at Benevento – hot meal of tea and stew served.

1430 Train halt for one hour at Barletta for hot meal.

13 July.

0600 Train arrived at first destination – at Narsisi Station (Taranto area).

0700 Breakfast at station. Bttn then march 1 mile to Transit Camp.

1200 50% of bttn on leave in Taranto. Also swimming and bath parades.

14 July.

0830 RC church parade.

0930 CO addresses bttn.

1000 Day leaves to Taranto.

15 July.

0900 Day of recreation. Leave parties to Taranto. 

16 July.

0600 All heavy baggage transport to docks for loading.

0900 RC and CE church parades.

0930 Bttn FFI inspection.

17 July.

1500 Bttn move by march route to docks at Taranto.

1700 Bttn embarked on troopship Banfora.

18 July.

1300 Convoy sailed

19 July.

At sea.

20 July.

At sea.

1100 CO’s lecture to all officers and NCOs on probable future moves.


At sea.

22 July – EGYPT.

0900 Convoy arrives at Alexandria.

Bttn disembarks and moves by transport to 58th Transit Camp (Amaryia District), 15 miles from Alexandria. Bttn spends night in this camp.

23 July – EGYPT.

0500 Bttn em-bused for move to Qassassin Camp.

0630 Bttn moved.

1100 Halt for tea meal at Khatatea Refugee Camp area.

1800 Bttn arrive in Qassassin Camp

24 July – EGYPT.

1000 Brigadier visits Bttn HQ.

Arrangements being made for leave parties to Cairo, Alexandria and Ishmalia.

Transport drawn from BOD – 13 x 3 tonners, 28 x 15 cwts, 9 Jeeps and 3 Portees. Also five 6 pounder A/Tk guns.

25 July – EGYPT.

1230 Balance of G 1098 stores drawn from ADOS.

2300 Baggage party and baggage arrive from Alexandria. 

26 July – EGYPT.

0515 Five day leave parties proceed to Cairo, Alexandria and Ishmalia.

0830 Parties proceed to Cairo and Ishmalia on day leave.

1100 Brigade visits Bttn HQ.

1800 Brigade HQ Guard of 2 NCOs and 18 men supplied by bttn.

27 July – EGYPT.

0830 Day leave parties to Cairo and Ishmalia.

1800 Warning Order for Advance party to be ready for move to new area.

28 July – EGYPT.

0830 Day leave parties for Cairo and Ishmalia 

29 July – EGYPT.

0830 Day leave parties for Cairo and Ishmalia 

30 July – EGYPT.

0700 Five day leave party to Alexandria and 1 day leave to Cairo.

0900 CE and RC church services.

31 July – EGYPT.

0830 Day leave parties proceed for Cairo.