2 LIR – August 1944

1 August –EGYPT.

1000 CO’s inspection of of bttn camp area.

1100 Warning Order. Probable future move of 7% of present bttn strength leave present area under command of Staff Captain, approx date 5th August.

2 August – EGYPT.

0900 RSM’s lecture of ceremonial drill to NCOs and Officers.

1000 Lecture on Egypt by Mr Heywood (British Council of Information).

1100 Bttn inoculation and vaccination parade.

3 August – EGYPT.

1000 Warning for advance party to move to Sidi Bishr 0900 hrs on 4th August.

1800 Brigade Band played ceremonial ‘Retreat’

2100 ENSA film show ‘Tunisian Victory’ for the brigade.

4 August – EGYPT.

0500 Five day leave party left for Alexandria.

0900 Bttn advance party left for Sidi Bishr.

1215 CO’s Office.

1800 Movement Order. Bttn to move on 7th August to Sid Bishr.

2000 Dinner in Officers’ Mess for Brigadier and Officers of brigade.

5 August – EGYPT.

0630 Five day leave party left for Cairo.

1800 Long leave party returned from Alexandria.

6 August – EGYPT.

0700 Reveille.

0830 Bttn loading stores and striking camp in preparation for move. 

7 August – EGYPT.

0430 Reveille.

0445 RASC Transport (23 x 3 tonners) report to bttn for move.

0630 Bttn (less Advance Party) em-bused ready for move.

0652 Head of column past Brigade Start Point. Route – Qassassin, Tel el Kebir, Bibbeis, Qualyub, Nile Barrage, Khatatra, Amiryia, Alexandria, Sidi Bishr.

1200 Bttn halts for one hour for a meal at Khatatra.

2200 Bttn arrives at Sidi Bishr. Journey without incident but considerable delay caused by drawbridge on Nile and canals. Further delay caused owing to queue of traffic at Patrol Filling Point at Amiryia.

Fifty six other ranks join bttn on posting from 6 Innisks.

8 August – EGYPT.

0600 Reveille.

0900 R Company formed under command of Major Gibbs.

9 August – EGYPT.

0830 Brigade PT Course resumed. Air Photography Course commenced at Brigade HQ under divisional arrangements.

1300 Five day leave party left for Cairo.

1400 Cricket match 2 LIR versus 1 RIrF.

10 August – EGYPT.

0900 Coy Commanders’ Conference re training.

1000 Five day leave party left for Alexandria.

1100 Long leave party returns from Alexandria.

11 August – EGYPT.

0630 Bttn PT.

0830 Range practice (as per Training Instructor No 1, 9/8/44).

12 August– EGYPT.

0630 Bttn PT.

0830 E Coy on firing range.

1700 Bttn Sports Committee Meeting.

13 August – EGYPT.

0900 Cricket match – G Coy versus S Coy.

1100 Voluntary RC Church Parade.

1200 Bttn Sports Committee Meeting.

1400 CO’s O Group on future moves of bttn. Movement Order No 7 issued; warning Bttn Advance Party to move 1600 hrs, 15th August.

14 August – EGYPT.

0630 CO addresses bttn at PT parade on recent incidents in Cairo.

0930 CO addresses R Coy.

Bttn trial football match – ‘Possibles’ v ‘Probables’.

15 August – EGYPT.

0900 Five day leave party left for Alexandria.

Pioneer Platoon personnel proceeded on 13 day course organised on divisional basis.

1200 Bttn Advance Party move (due to take place at 1600 hrs) postponed until further orders.

16 August – EGYPT.

0830 E Coy on Field Firing Range.

1000 All Thompson Machine Guns handed in prior to issue of Carbines M3 (American Manufacture).

17 August -EGYPT.

0900 Brigadier’s inspection of bttn camp area.

F Coy on Field Firing Range.

1600 Bttn Movement Order No 8 warned Advance Party to move off at 0715 hrs on 18 August.

18 August – EGYPT.

0730 Bttn Advance Party left for Alexandria docks at 0830 hrs. G and H Coys on Field Firing Range.

1700 CO’s TEWT for Officers and Platoon Sergeants on Tank Cooperation. Lecture given with aid of Sand Table Model of Rapido Battle. Officers of the Tank Corps, 2 Innisks and local units of the Egyptian Army also present.

New Carbine M3s issued during course of the day.

19 August – EGYPT.

0900 S Coy on Field Firing Range.

1200 Warning Order for bttn to prepare to function on Light Scale as from 0600 hrs on 20th August. 

20 August – EGYPT.

0900 RC and C of E Church Parades.

21 August – EGYPT.

0900 All transport to be loaded with non essential G 1098 stores ready for shipment on 22nd August.

0930 F Coy on Field Firing Ranges.

1500 Notification of the award of DSO to CO, Lt Col HEN Bredin MC

22 August – EGYPT.

1400 Bttn transport moved off to Alexandria Docks via Amiryia Transit Camp.

1700 Bttn Boxing Team participated in Brigade Boxing Championship Matches.

23 August – EGYPT.

1130 CO’s conference for all Coy Commanders, IO and SC.

24 August – EGYPT.

1000 CO’s inspection of bttn camp area.

1200 Platoon Commanders and Sgts of Signal and Intelligence Sections proceeded to Brigade HQ for lecture on new Slidex Code System.

1230 New Divisional Commander visited Bttn HQ.

1700 Bttn Boxers participated in Boxing Contest, 38 (Irish) Brigade v RAF.

25 August – EGYPT.

0830 Bttn route march – Route, Camp through Alexandria to Mustapha Barracks returning to Sidi Bishr via the sea front. Dress – Drill order.

1300 Bttn returned to camp.

26 August – EGYPT.

0900 Platoon and Section Commanders on lecture – Section Fighting and Village clearing.

Senior Officers on bttn on Divisional Cloth Model Exercise ‘ Tiber’ (River Crossing).

27 August – EGYPT.

0900 Compulsory C of England Parade.

Cricket match – HQ Coy v G Coy.

2000 Pioneer Platoon return from Divisional Course.

28 August – EGYPT.

0700 HQ and S Coys Route March.

R Coy Field Firing Range. E and F Coys on 30 yards range.

29 August – EGYPT.

0830 Beginning of RSM’s Cadre Course for junior NCOs of bttn.

H and HQ Coys on 30 yards range with SMGs and M3s.

R Coy route march.

1830 H Coy’s dance took place in Alexandria.

30 August – EGYPT.

0930 G and S Coys on 30 yards range.

1415 Signals Officer gave lecture on Slidex to all Coy Commanders, IO and Second in Command.

31 August – EGYPT.

1130 Bttn Sand Table Exercise for Administrative Personnel of the bttn subject – Supply and Admin of brigade positions on Monte Castellone near Cassino.

1230 General Paget, C in C, Middle East, visited bttn area.