War Diaries of 2 London Irish Rifles – 1944

The Irish Brigade web site is pleased to add transcriptions of the 1944 war diaries of the 2nd Battalion, London Irish Rifles (2 LIR) that provide a day by day narrative of the battalion’s actions during that most difficult of years, which started in the Apennines south of Castel di Sangro and ended in the mountains north of Florence.

January 1944 – In the high Apennines.

        – Intelligence Reports.

– Lt Mosley’s account of German raid on Il Calvario.

        – E Company at Montenero.

February 1944 – Moving to the Cassino front.

March 1944 – In reserve near Cassino.

April 1944 – Monte Castellone.

May 1944 – Casa Sinagoga/breakthrough into the Liri valley.

June 1944 – The advance north of Rome to Lake Trasimene.

July 1944 – To Cairo.

August 1944 – Resting in Egypt.

September 1944 – Back to Italy.

October 1944 – Joining the 5th Army at Monte Spaduro.

November 1944 – Patrolling in the mountains.

December 1944 – Winter draws in.

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