Irish Brigade

The story of the 38th (Irish) Brigade in the Second World War

Faugh a Ballagh        Nec Aspera Terrent         Quis Separabit

2 LIR – March 1943

1 March

Programme for night 1/2 March. Company 1 Royal Irish Fusiliers take over gully position from E Company 2/LIR and come under command 6 Innisks. H Company 2/LIR take over Stuka Farm positions from C Company 1 RIrF and revert to command of 2/LIR. Carriers of 2/LIR relieve 6th Inniskilling Fusiliers in original position. F Company 2/LIR relieve A Company 1 RIrF on Castle Hill. A Company 1 RIrF to reserve area 6106.

2100 Enemy tank concentration with infantry at 7114. Commanding Officer directs that companies stay in their positions if attacked. C Battery 152 Field Regiment warned and observation posts keep special look out. Reports received that enemy seen in gully 800 yards north of F Company HQ.

2 March

1800 Number 9 Platoon, E Company on Mosque Hill will be relieved tonight by a platoon of 1 R IrF. 9 Platoon move to Castle Hill under command of F Company 2/LIR. 12 JU 87s bomb area of wadi 6307, again a wasted effort – no damage – no casualties.

3 March

Lieutenant A G Howells appointed Intelligence Officer. Captain T W H Wilson appointed Adjutant vice Captain T C Osborn wounded.

4 March

Companies send out local patrols to the front of their positions.

5 March

Patrol of E Company cover area along wadi to Mosque Hill.

Local patrols from E and F Companies in front of their positions.

1800 E Company report that their patrol had located a German observation post at 605084. F Company report that their patrol had found a German mortar complete and bombs.

6 March

PM Enemy spasmodically shelled by our artillery in areas 616076, 644077

7 March

1430 Enemy shells area between G and H companies.

8 March

2 platoons and company HQ of H Company take over E Company’s positions 610083. 1 platoon of H Company relieve 9 Platoon (E Company) on Castle Hill. E Company take up positions on Stuka Ridge and Stuka Farm.

9 March

Change over of E and H Companies now complete.

10 March

Recce patrol to Flat Top 5909 find abandoned enemy equipment.

11 March

1015 Small patrols sent out by H Company.

1130 Arabs drove cattle and goats through minefield west of H Company’s positions 610060.

12 March

PM Spasmodic shelling of battalion area. Captain RG Cockburn, Lieutenant I P Yates and Lieutenant J H Barker join battalion.

13 March

0230 Minefield farm attacked by Recce Patrol. Patrol identified as from Skunze Herman Goering Regiment 9 Company 3 Battalion.

1200 F Company send out small patrol to Flat Top 5909. No signs of enemy but a quantity of abandoned damaged equipment found.

14 March

1200 Advance party of 1st Duke of Wellington’s Regiment arrive at Battalion HQ.

2300 Remainder of Duke of Wellingtons’ arrive by TCV and debuss at June 601019 and march up to relieve us.

15 March

0445 Battalion marches to Olive Grove 570044.

Major Dunnill joins from 1 RIrF.


16 March

1600 H Company move to Trent Bridge 4713.

17 March

St Patrick’s Day – The officers and men were delighted at the arrival of Shamrock from Ireland.

18 March

Battalion training. Lieutenant Colonel J B Jefferys relinquishes command of battalion and proceeds to rest camp, Ain Draham. Major D C J Manners departed for 5 Corps. Lieutenant Colonel T P D Scott arrived and took over command of battalion. Major A P K O’Connor joins and takes up appointment as 2-in-C. Captain B H Westcott joins battalion and takes over command of H Company.

19 March

Battalion training.

20 March

Platoon of G Company relieves section of V Company of 5 Northants at 523155. Captain Findlater (R Berks) joins battalion from 5 Corps HQ and takes over command of HQ Company.

21 March

Battalion training.

22 March

H Company relieved by 2788 Squadron RAF Regiment. Lieutenant J A St Maur Sheil joins battalion and takes over duties as Intelligence Officer. Lieutenant Howells returns to H Company.

23 March

Platoon of G Company relieved by RAF Regiment. Captain GG Hall, Captain Fitzgerald, Captain Giles, Lieutenant H N D Seymour and Lieutenant Cole join battalion.

24 March

Battalion training. Lieutenant K D H Howells joins battalion.

25 March

Lieutenant D Sutherland, Lieutenant E Lovatt, Lieutenant Lyness and draft of 27 other ranks join battalion.

26 March

Draft of 40 other ranks join battalion.

27 March

Battalion moved by TCV to area 013798 (near Le Kef).

28 March

0215 Battalion arrives new area for training.

1200 Church parades.

29 March

Battalion training.

30 March

Battalion training.

31 March

Battalion training.