Irish Brigade

The story of the 38th (Irish) Brigade in the Second World War

Faugh a Ballagh        Nec Aspera Terrent         Quis Separabit

War Diaries Of 2 London Irish Rifles

The Irish Brigade web site is pleased to add transcriptions of the Nov 1942 to May 1945 war diaries of the 2nd Battalion, London Irish Rifles (2 LIR) that provide a day by day narrative of the battalion’s actions from their initial landings in Algeria to final victory at the River Po.

You can read the diaries by clicking on the links below :

Nov 1942 to Dec 1943

Jan 1944 to Dec 1944

Jan 1945 to May 1945

Officers’ Rolls: Nov 1942 to Dec 1943

Officers’ Rolls: Jan 1944 to May 1945

Sources : National Archives, Kew.

Dec 1942 to Jun 1943 – WO 175/515.

Jul 1943 to Dec 1943 – WO 169/10255.

Jan 1944 to Dec 1944 – WO 170/1433.

Jan 1945 to Dec 1945 – WO 170/5045.


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