1 RIrF – February 1945

1st /2nd February – FLORENCE.

Nothing to Report.

3rd February – FLORENCE.

Warning order for move to Forli. Coy officers and senior NCOs carry out wireless exercise.

4th February – FLORENCE.

Nothing to Report.

5th February – FLORENCE.

Order for advance party to move 7 February. Capt EE Maginess MBE on UK leave.

6th February – FLORENCE.

Nothing to Report.

7th February – FLORENCE.

Advance party left for Forli..

8th February – FLORENCE.

Move Order No 12 issued. Brigade Move Order No 1 now received.

9th February – FORLI 4515.

Bttn moved to Hitler Barracks, Forli where we took over from Italian 87th. Buildings and grounds indescribably filthy. Orders issued re cleaning the area, a monumental task.

10th February – FORLI 4515.

Recce for training area. Bttn engaged in cleaning buildings and grounds.

11th February – FORLI 4515.

38 Brigade ordered available for Corps reserve

12th February – FORLI 4515.

Training areas allotted by Brigade Training . Instructions issued by bttn.

13th/14th February – FORLI 4515.

Training on Section – Platoon – coy level.

15th/16th February – FORLI 4515.

Further allocation of training areas and forecast of training.

17th February – FORLI 4515.

Recce brigade defensive position Albereto.

18th February – FORLI 4515.

Mine training arranged by Pioneers.

19th February– FORLI 4515.

Further recce of Backstop position.

20th February – FORLI 4515.

Brigade conference to coordinate defensive position.

21st February – FORLI 4515.

Kangaroo exercise by coys to familiarise and acquaint with difficulties of control.

22nd February – FORLI 4515.

Discussion with Lt Foley (1 LIR) of lessons learnt in the fighting on the plain.

23rd February – FORLI 4515.

Bttn rifle range at Meldola in daily use.

Provision of targets being greatest difficulty.

24th February – FORLI 4515.

Training Instruction No 2 issued.

25th February – FORLI 4515.

Orders re TEWT and exercise at Calisese.

26th February – FORLI 4515.

TEWT and exercise. House and village clearing.

27th February – FORLI 4515.

Demonstration area D8, fire power of a section, Vickers, 3” mortars, Wasp and Life Buoy Flamethrowers. Lecture by Lt Leckie of 17 Field Regiment.

28th February – FORLI 4515.

Visit to Adolf Hitler barracks by General Mark Clark and Corps Commander.

TEWT at 26 Battery, 17 Field Regiment on corrections by Intelligence.