1 RIrF – September 1944

1st September – SIDI BISHR.

Continue training

2nd September – SIDI BISHR.

Officers and Sergeants’ Mess parties.

3rd September – SIDI BISHR.

Brigade Church Parade. Divisional Dance Band in Camp Area.

4th September – SIDI BISHR.

Lecture by Captain B Kentish on PRI.

5th September – SIDI BISHR.

Sgt KB Hanssen rejoined unit.

6th September – SIDI BISHR.

Captain BDH Clark to hospital. Bttn rifle shoot.

7th September – SIDI BISHR.

Lieut KB Payne rejoined unit from ITD.

8th September – SIDI BISHR.

Struck canvas preparatory to move.

9th September – SIDI BISHR.

Bttn by lorry to dock embark Durban Castle at 1200.

10th September – ALEXANDRIA.

Inspection by ship and shore authorities.

11th September – AT SEA.

Sailed at 0630.

12th/13th September – AT SEA.

Study navigation by stars. Inter unit tug of war won by RIrF.

14th September – AT SEA.

Boxing show. Orders for disembarkation.

15th September – TARANTO.

Bttn disembark 1500 hrs. By TCV to Divisional concentration.

16th September – TARANTO.

Reinforcements from Salerno. Captain Titterton and Lieut Robinson joined unit.

17th September – TARANTO.

Recce training areas. Prepare for schools.

18th September – TARANTO.

A/Tk platoon off for shoot. Lecture on R/T procedure.

Major Morris joined unit.

19th September – TARANTO.

Record promotion list of NCOs. Talk of CO on night problems in the line. Wireless exercise.

20th September – TARANTO.

Start I school. CO lecture on patrols. Carriers left for Bari.

21st September – TARANTO.

Major J Clarke MC, lecture and demonstration of patrols.

22nd September – TARANTO.

CO lecture – Battle Procedure. Captain Richards joined unit. Brigade play Retreat in LIR lines.

23rd September – TARANTO.

R Coy moved off. CO and IO move in advance. Move Order No 9 issued.

24th September – TARANTO.

Pack in preparation for move.

25th September – SAN SEVERO.

Possible SP at 0500 hrs. San Severo at 1700 hrs.

26th September – GUILLIANOVA

Stage at Gullianova 1720 hrs.

27th September – FANO.

Arrive at Fano area 1250 hrs.

28th September – FANO.

CO talked to bttn putting them in the picture.

29th September – FANO.

Brigade O Group.

30th September – FANO.

Farewell party for Major Holmes.

Mines encountered in training areas.