1 RIrF – July 1944

1st July – CASTLE 475881.

Admin received move order No 13 – 38 (Irish) Infantry Brigade, followed by amendment.

1040 Issue bttn move order No 8.

2nd July – CASTLE 475881.

0630 Left castle. Brigade SP 0730 hrs.

1830 Bttn consolidated area 8873.

3rd July – TIVOLI.

Day leaves to Rome. Four Canadian officers joined bttn. Major Clark MC i/c bttn. Telegram conveying congratulations of Division and Brigade Commander to Father Dan on award of MC.

4th/5th July – TIVOLI.

Continue day leaves.

6th July – TIVOLI.

Advance parties from 56 Division arrived.

7th July – TIVOLI.

PT interior economy. Day leaves.

8th July – TIVOLI.

Massed bands of 38th Brigade beat Retreat on the square of Barberini Palace, followed by brigade dance.

9th July – TIVOLI.

Lt-Col JH Coldwell Horsfall assumed command. Divisional audience with the Pope. Carriers handed over. Advance party left for Taranto.

10th July – TIVOLI.

Entrain at Rome for Taranto. Captain Hodsell and Lieut Room left bttn.

11th/12th July.

En route

13th July.

0530 Arrived at Taranto. Breakfast on track side.

1000 Reached Divisional Transit Camp. Clean and settle.

14th July.

Day leaves to Taranto. Light training and sports.

15th July.

Continues above.

16th July.

Orders received to move on 17th.

17th July.

0800 Berthing party moved off.

1500 Bttn moved off.

1630 Embarked on MS Durban Castle.

18th July.

1300 Sailed.

19th to 21st July.

En route in convoy.

22nd July – PORT SAID.

1800 Docked.

23rd July – QASSASSIN.

0630 Disembarked and proceeded by train.

1500 Arrived at Qassassin. Major Crehan and Captain Chambers S/O to No 1 General Hospital. Major N Chance rejoined unit.

24th July – QASSASSIN.

Light training. PT drilling etc. Adopted pre war routine.

25th July – QASSASSIN.

Five day leaves to Cairo, Alexandria and Ishmalia. Lieut Beamish rejoined bttn.

26th July – QASSASSIN.

Light training and day leaves.

27th July – QASSASSIN.


28th July – QASSASSIN.

Brigade conference.

29th July – QASSASSIN.

Continue light training.

30th/31st July – QASSASSIN.

Received reinforcements.