1 RIrF – November 1942

1st to 7th November – MAYBOLE.

Training on a limited scale continued. The transport was on immediate notice to move to port for loading.

7th November – MAYBOLE.

1st party of transport moved for loading at Birkenhead.

8th November – MAYBOLE

Remainder of Transport less B Echelon moved for loading at Glasgow.

8th to 14th November – MAYBOLE.

Training continued on a limited scale and full preparations for departure of the main body was completed.

16th  to 17th  November – MAYBOLE.

The CO gave a short talk to all Coys on possible future operations.

20th November – MAYBOLE.

1100 Orders for move of main body was received.

22nd November – LIVERPOOL.

0150 B, C and D Coys moved by train and embarked in Ship No P3 at Liverpool.

2000 Embarkation of the Bttn was completed in Ship P3, which had on board about 3,600 troops..

22nd to 27th  November – AT SEA.

Spent in getting settled down in ship. The Bttn assumed guard duties for the voyage.

Attached roll shows appointments held in Bttn on embarkation.

Ship lay in the Mersey, sailing at midday on 27th November 1942.

The Bttn then spent the time to the end of the…. and as much training as practical.