1 RIrF – June 1943

1st June – GUELMA.

Bttn spent the day settling into a new area. Change over in transport. Lieut JA Smith, Lieut HCP Hamilton joined the Battalion. And Lieut JP Brady re-joined from hospital.

2nd June – GUELMA.

0745 Officers of the Bttn photographed for the press.

2” Mortar course commenced.

A quiet day.

1815 Massed drums and pipes of 38 (Irish) Infantry Brigade beat the retreat.

2000 Guest night held in Bttn HQ mess. Many guests were invited, including the Brigadier.

3rd June – GUELMA.

Brigade Battle School under Captain JS Clarke commences.

Bttn signal course starts.

Carrier and 3” Mortar course starts at La Menaghia.

Nothing of interest happened throughout the day.

4th June – GUELMA.

A quiet day. Nothing to report.

5th June – GUELMA.

Party left to collect kit bag and officer kits, belonging to officers and men joining the Bttn as reinforcements, left at Algiers.

6th June – GUELMA.

1800 Pioneer course starts at 214 Field Company RE.

Church parade for all denominations.

7th June – GUELMA.

Training continued under company arrangements.

Courses still in progress, otherwise to report.

2/Lt WT Bolton joined the Bttn.

8th June – GUELMA.

A quiet day.

9th June – GUELMA.

Course No II for Platoon and Sections Commanders opened.

1015 Demonstration for A Coy on night patrols.

Party returned from Algiers with officers’ kits, men’s kit bags could not be traced.

Captain DR le P Gethin and Lt JHA Monsell rejoined the Bttn.

10th June – GUELMA.

Training continued. Nothing unusual occurred.

11th June – GUELMA.

A quiet day.

1800 Discussion on “Lessons of the Campaign”.

1900 Concert by 152 Field Ambulance concert part in the cinema at Guelma.

Major JH Coldwell-Horsfall re-joined the Bttn from hospital. Lt JB Cammiade, Lt GF Ash, 2/Lt WG Fielding joined the Bttn.

12th June – GUELMA.

Nothing to report during the day.

Bttn played a football match against A & SH.

13th June – GUELMA.

A quiet day. Training continued as per programme.

Received warning of impending visit by the Secretary State for War.

14th June – GUELMA.

A quiet day. Training continued.

No 6 Section 10 Platoon C Coy won the inter section shooting competition.

Lt OPB Jewell joined the Bttn, Lieuts RH Richardson, A Smith and RG Wilkin joined the Bttn.

Nothing to report. Bathing under coy arrangements was carried out.

15th June – GUELMA.

Visit by Secretary of State for War cancelled.

Training cancelled.

16th June – GUELMA.

Nothing to report. Some vehicles went to MT shops. Capt PT Proctor, 2/Lt GL Richards, Lieut GF Ash left to attend 18th Army Battle School.

17th June – GUELMA.

Bttn lined the route for the visit of His Majesty the King.

Reinforcement company came into being.

18th June – GUELMA.

A quiet day. Nothing to report.

19th June – GUELMA.

PIAT demonstration for all officers and ORs down to the rank of platoon Sergeants at the Brigade Training Camp.

Nothing further to report. Restarted training programmes.

20th June – GUELMA.

A quiet day. Nothing to report.

1800 Lecture on RT procedures by Bttn Signals Officer.

21st June – GUELMA.

Training continued as per programme.

1800 Lecture on the new inter battalion map reference code.

A small…

22nd June – GUELMA.

Nothing of interest to report. During the whole of this period, with the exception of some fairly strenuous training, the Bttn was having a very quiet time.

23rd June – GUELMA.

Advance party left Bttn and proceeded to new area at Hammamet.

1800 Bttn paraded for exercise.

Object of exercise – practice getting into a defensive position as quickly as possible.

Night Bttn slept out. Warning order for impending move.

24th June – GUELMA,

Bttn returned from exercise. Remainder of the day spent resting.

25th June – IN TRANSIT.

Bttn moved from Guelma to Hammamet, staying for one night at Souk al Arba.

26th June – HAMMAMET.

1630 Bttn arrived in new area.

27th June. – HAMMAMET.

Quiet day. Bttn settled into new area.

28th June – HAMMAMET.

Training continued. Nothing of major importance took place. Training programme.

29th June – HAMMAMET.

Company and platoon training as programme – otherwise a quiet day.

30th June – HAMMAMET.

1630 Bttn was visited by General Sir Bernard Montgomery KCB DSO.

Warning orders saying General Montgomery would speak to all officers tomorrow.