6 Black Watch

Within a few hours of handing over Cassino to the Coldstream Guards, the bttn was back in battle, for after a hectic period of preparation, it left for its concentration area at 2300 hrs on 10 May. Zero hour for the battle which was to result in the bttn entering Cassino again, but this time from the German side, was 2345 hrs on May 11th and three quarters of an hour later, the marching part of the bttn left for its Assembly area behind Monte Trocchio.

There it spent the remainder of the night in a perfect inferno of noise caused by our own guns, and when day broke, news of the crossing of the Gari river by the other two brigades of the division was anxiously awaited. It was found, however, that great difficulty had been experienced over the crossing and the 10th Brigade, in the night, had only secured a rather insecure bridgehead, whilst the 28th Brigade had only succeeded in getting a few men across.

All day of the 12th, accordingly, the bttn remained in the Assembly area and at 2200 hrs, the CO was sent for by brigade and told that a bridge was to be erected in the 10th Brigade area, which the bttn plus A Squadron of 2 Lothians, was to cross at 0500 hrs on the 13th.


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