1 Royal West Kents

11th May.

Bttn in areas San Pietro during the day. At night, they proceeded by march route to Monte Trocchio (G8918). Transport of F and A Echelons moved from Roccamelara to A Echelon area.

12th May.

Bttn in area Monte Trocchio (8918) laying up during the day.

13th May.

0430 Bttn moved in to Assembly area east of Amazon bridge.

1100 Bttn moved forward across the bridge established by 10 Infantry Brigade and passing through 10th Infantry Brigade and 6 BW and 2 RF and pushed on towards pt 86 832174.

14th May.

Bttn was engaged in fierce fighting to gain control of pt 86 suffering heavy casualties.

15th May.

Bttn captured pt 86 and consolidated and on relief by 5 Northamptons, the bttn came into reserve south of Evangleista 8518.

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