1 Kensington Regiment

 15th May.

1300 Main HQ with main Brigade HQ 886164. 6 Platoon MMG under command of 1 RIrF : 846167.

1530 5 Platoon MMG heavily mortared by Nebelwerfers – casualties, 2 killed and 2 wounded location 838169. 7 Platoon MMG under command 2 LIR at 842167. 3 and 4 Platoons HM Coy fired on targets at 832173, 830174, 834175. Platoon OP party shelled going into position – casualties 1 OR killed, 2 ORs wounded. At 1600 hrs, 4 Platoon by request of 6 Innisks fired on an SP gun at 830178. Forward coy of 6 Innisks report a direct hit and SP a mass of flames. An unidentified mutilated German corpse was buried at 86251753.

16th May.

Bttn HQ – 0900 hrs supported by an enormous barrage from 78 Division attacked from line Grafton towards Pytchley. Right – 2 LF, Left – 2 LIR with 1 Derbyshire Yeomanry responsible for protecting divisional left flank.

D Group – 4 Platoon HM moved to new position at 837169 and DF tasks laid on to 802178 and 801177: 3 Platoon HM in position at 846172. Enemy counter attacked, with infantry supported by tanks from direction of Cassino and moving down towards 855174 approaching 3 Platoon HM position. Capt Cullen organised a local Defence Platoon in front of the mortar line, but the situation was cleaned up by dusk and, although there was a Stand To throughout the night and little else happened. 7 Platoon MMG in position at 844178 in counter attack role. 5 Platoon MMG under command 6 Innisks. 6 Platoon MMG moved forward with 1 RIrF at 0100 hrs preparatory to attacking Fernie at 0700 hrs. Spasmodic shelling of all positions during day.

17th May.

Bttn HQ – 78 Division pushing on from Pytchley to line of railway. 4 British Division reported to have carriers on Route 6 at 849197. 2 Polcorps heavily counter attacked from Villa San Lucia and forced to withdraw from Colle San Angelo.

D Group – 4 Platoon HM at 826177 with OP party with 6 Innisks, 3 Platoon still at 831177 with OP party forward with 1 RIrF. 7 Platoon MMG in counter attack role: 1 section 823174 and 2 sections 821178. HM Coy shoots carried out on DF at 807182. Intentions night 17/18 May: Harassing fire shots on 81102085, 81202115 by HM Coy.

18th May.

Bttn HQ – 36 Brigade carry on the division’s advance.

0800 4th British Division report fall of Baron’s Palace and Amphitheatre.

0830 2 Polcorps, having retaken the last ground of yesterday, are sending strong patrols to Monastery. 1 Guards Brigade sending strong patrols into Cassino proper.

1100 Monastery and Cassino reported captured. French reported as having taken Mt D’Oro and to be seriously threatening Pontecorvo and the Adolph Hitler Line from the south. At 2230, Derbyshire Yeomanry reported to be through Aquino with 36 Brigade hot on their heels.

D Group – Tac HQ moved to 818184 with Brigade Tac Platoons of MMG Coy still under command of infantry. 5 Platoon under command of 6 Innisks, 6 Platoon under command R IrF, 7 Platoon under command 2 LIR.

At 0800 hrs, 5 Platoon opened fire on a party of enemy infantry and covered the 6 Innisks’ patrol forward to capture them. 6 and 7 Platoons occasional shells in area. Otherwise nothing to report. 3 and 4 Platoons HM Coy still in same position as yesterday evening with arcs covering Highway 6. Slight shelling during day otherwise nothing to report. No casualties.

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