26th September

Brigade HQ – IN TRANSIT.

0500 Head of column leaves Staging Area San Severo (J 1040).

Order of March of convoy remains the same.

Very heavy rain during the latter part of the night made the tracks difficult but there were no major mishaps

Heavy rain during the morning.


Stage at Giulianova 1720 hrs.

2 Innisks – SAN STEPHANO.

0600 Bttn em-buses and Giulianova to stage for the night, arriving at 1700 hrs.


0500 Convoy moved off again.

1200 1 hour halt for tea meal.

1530 Bttn arriving at Staging Area Giulianova.

27th September

Brigade HQ – NEAR FANO.

0500 Brigade Convoy leave Staging Area for concentration area at Fano S 2070.

Order of March of convoy remains the same.

1130 Head of column arrives at concentration area on Fano–Fossambrone road.

All units of Brigade Group disperse to own unit area in Divisional Concentration Area.

Brigade locations as follows:

HQ 38 (Irish) Brigade – S 184708.

2 Innisks – S 191700.

2 LIR – S 193697.

1 RIrF – S 195693.

254 A/Tk Battery RA – S 185692.

152 Field Ambulance – S 189696.

D Coy, 1 Kensingtons – S 190718.

Camps are pitched during the afternoon and then everyone rests after the tiring journey.

1 RIrF – FANO.

Arrive at Fano area 1250 hrs.

2 Innisks – GIULIANOVA.

0600 Bttn em-buses and proceeds on last stage of journey to Fano.

1000 The Second in Command goes to San Marino with the Brigade Commander.

1400 The bttn arrives in Fano.


0500 Convoy left Giulianova.

1500 Convoy arrived in Divisional Concentration Area near Fano.

Bttn HQ in area farm 192697.

Coys bivouacking in surrounding fields.

28th September

Brigade HQ – NEAR FANO.

Battalions carry out administrative duties in laying out and improving the camp sites and also the checking of equipment and the cleaning of weapons.

Brigade Commander visits all units of the Brigade Group during the morning.

Lt Col Horsfall and Lt Col Bredin visit the Brigade Commander at 1600 hrs to discuss various administrative details.

1930 Brigade was allotted 35 seats an ENSA show in Fano. The Brigade Commander attended the performance, which was fairly enjoyable.

1 RIrF – FANO.

CO talked to bttn putting them in the picture.

2 Innisks – FANO.

1200 The Divisional Commander visits the bttn.

Lieut Colonel TT McCartney Filgate visits the bttn from No 2 CRU.


0930 CO’s lecture to Coy Commanders on General Situation and possible future roles for bttn. Coy Commanders lectures to coys on same themes.

29th September

Brigade HQ – NEAR FANO.

Very heavy rain during the night.

0900 Brigade Commander attends a Conference with Divisional Commander to discuss future policy, future reorganisations and various points on training.

1400 Brigade Commander holds a Conference. The follow officers were present: COs, 2 Innisks, 2 LIR, 1 RIrF. OC, 214 Field Company; OC 254 A/Tk Battery; OC, 280 LAA Battery, RA; CO, 17 Field Regiment, RA; OC, D Coy, 1 Kensingtons; OC, 152 Field Ambulance. Brigade staff.

Brigade Commander outlined the points made out in his conference with the Divisional Commander during the morning.

The main points were that the Division would still be going to 5 Corps and that our immediate role was still not definite, everything depending on how well the present plan succeeded:

The certain changes in the organisation were that:

  • The Kensington (Support Bttn) would be getting eight extra 4.2” mortars, making them up to their previous establishment.
  • The fourth A/Tk Battery was to be disbanded.
  • That when battalions came below a strength of 30 officers and 700 men, they would revert to a three company basis instead of four rifle coys.

Various points of training were raised, including a few lessons learnt in the recent fighting on the Rimini front, which the Brigade Commander wished to be emphasised to all commanders.

1 RIrF – FANO.

Brigade O Group.

2 Innisks – FANO.

0800 A very wet night, the ground is completely waterlogged and many vehicles are bogged. The whole day is spent getting the blankets dried.

1400 The Commanding Officer holds a conference for Company Commanders.


0700 PT parade. Coy training for rest of the day.

1400 Bttn Commanders’ conference at Brigade HQ  on Divisional future operations.

1500 Divisional Commander visits bttn area.

30th September

Brigade HQ – NEAR FANO.

Battalions carry out individual and specialist training.

1st and 2nd line ammunition delivered to all units.

Major Holmes, 2.i.c. RIrF leaves. He is going to take up the appointment of G1 SD at GHQ MEF.

1 RIrF – FANO.

Farewell party for Major Holmes.

Mines encountered in training areas.

2 Innisks – FANO.

0830 Commanding Officer conference on distribution of MT throughout the bttn.

Verbal warming order from Brigade to move in approximately 6 to 10 days’ time to the Rimini front.


0700 PT parade. Coy training for rest of the day.

0830 CO’s O Group.

1200 Bttn parade for CO’s lecture on future operations.