11th September

Brigade HQ – AT SEA.

0500 Convoy sails from Alexandria Docks. Quiet sea. All units on board settle down to the voyage.

Boat Stations practised twice during the day.

1 RIrF – AT SEA.

Sailed at 0630.


0630 Ship sailed in convoy.

12th September

Brigade HQ – AT SEA.

At Sea. Quiet day. No disturbances.

Boat Stations practised two times during the day and once at night.

1 RIrF – AT SEA.

Study navigation by stars. Inter unit tug of war won by RIrF.

13th September

Brigade HQ – AT SEA.

At sea. Quiet day.

14th September

Brigade HQ – AT SEA.

At sea. Quiet day. Sea a little rougher than past few days. Strong wind blowing.

1 RIrF – AT SEA.

Boxing show. Orders for disembarkation.

15th September


0800 Convoy enters outer boom of Taranto Docks.

0900 HMT Staffordshire pulls alongside Oil Jetty ‘B’ and disembarkation commences at 0945 hrs.

Order of disembarkation: 2 Innisks, 2 LIR, 152 Field Ambulance and Brigade HQ. 1 RIrF on the Durban Castle were ferried off by lighters commencing at 1400 hrs.

1400 All units from HMT Staffordshire in Alexandra Camp at P 735206.

1800 1 RIrF established in camp in brigade area.

Baggage from ship’s holds arrives during the afternoon and evening.


Bttn disembark 1500 hrs. By TCV to Divisional concentration.

2 Innisks – TARANTO.

0830 The ship docks at Taranto and the bttn prepares to disembark.

1200 The bttn disembarks. The advance party meets the bttn at the docks and guides them to the em-busing point. Bttn then travels by TCVs to bttn area.

Lieuts Smith, Flynn, Corrigan, and Prior arrive with 146 reinforcements.

1700 Bttn in area complete. Accommodation is in bivouacs and tentage.


0700 Convoy arrives at Taranto.

1000 Bttn commences to disembark and em-bus for camp area.

1230 Bttn arrives at camp. Bttn transport already in camp area.