Brigade HQ – ITALY.

Brigade Commander visited 78 Main HQ with Brasco (Acting Staff Captain).

Brigade Group less Brigade HQ concentrated area Taranto and orders by move of transport by road, personnel by rail issued.

0900 BTO and Camp Commandant left concentration area to recce Brigade area after receiving orders from 78 Division.

Brigade Commander visited area and Brasco joined BTO and Camp Commandant on recce.

1430 Brigade HQ established 1 ½ miles north of Andria (J9296) in the house of the Ceci family.

Bttn locations 6 Innisks (J9297), 2 LIR (J9300), 1 RIrF ((9298).

1 RIrF.

Advance party under command of Captain JK Brown left for Barletta. The rest of the men were given leave to visit Taranto in two parties: morning and afternoon.

Lieut DF Thomason (B Coy: 2 i/c). Lieut DR Stapler (C Coy), and Lieut RW Gamble (S Coy: OC Carriers) joined the Bttn and joined the coys noted.

6 Innisks – ITALY.

Bttn route march.

2 LIR.

0830 Battalion: route march, 12 miles. Companies march independently.

80% of Battalion allowed out on leave in the afternoon.

1430 Advance Party consisting of Major Conroy & 4 other ranks left by road for new area 3 miles SW of Barletta.