Brigade HQ – ITALY.

Recce party waiting at Taranto for Brigade Group to concentrate.

0700 MT column left staging area Sibari for Bari taking north toad 12km west of Taranto (cross roads P5817) via Gioza Del Colle ((P4748), Cassamassima.

From Bari, column proceeded by coast road via Giovanazzo ((P2491), Molfetta (P1743), Bisceglia (P0996) to Trani (P0301).

1800 MT column arrived Trani and harboured for night off road Trani – Corati, 1 ½ miles north of Trani

1 RIrF.

0800 12 mile route march.

6 Innisks – ITALY.

Transport arrived at Taranto at 0800hrs. Carriers and Mortar platoon were already there.

2 LIR.

20% of Battalion allowed on leave to Taranto.