Brigade HQ – ITALY.

Clocks set back one hour. Recce parties waiting at Taranto for Brigade Group to concentrate.

0630 MT column resumed journey via Rocca (Z5801), Strongoli (Z6378), Cariati (U5305).

1200 MT column halted for lunch U 2315.

1300 MT column resumed journey via Corigliano (U1613), Trerisacce (U1643), Sibari (U1130).

1700 Arrived staging area Sibari (U1130). Total mileage for day 99 miles. Marching personnel disembarked Taranto.

1 RIrF.

0800 Transport arrived after difficult road journey from Messina.

C of E and RC parade services.

2 LIR.

(MT) By road to area 1335 (Sheet 43) thence to Taranto and joined Battalion at 1200 hrs on 27.9.

20% of Battalion allowed on leave to Taranto.