1st October

Brigade HQ – NEAR FANO.

Battalions carry out individual and specialist training in own area.

Painting of all transport from desert sand colour to a more sensible green commences.

Brigade is warned that the move to the forward concentration area will commence on 4th October.

1800 Lecture on Assault RE Bridging Equipment: How to indent for it and how it should be used?

The lecture was given to all Commanders and COs in the Division at Brigade HQ.

1930 The officers of Brigade HQ entertained the officers of the Brigade Group to a social evening of songs and Irish dancing. A great time was had by all.


Lt Col Holmes left unit for Middle East.

Recce forward to Sant Arcangelo re roads and accommodation.

2 Innisks – FANO.

1000 Order to move to Assisi at 1700 hrs received. The Commanding Officer issues orders for bttn move.

1630 It is raining hard. The transport is loaded and the bttn is standing by to move.

1930 Bttn moves out and proceeds on an all night drive to Assisi.


Bttn still in concentration area at Fano.

0900 CE and RC Church Parades.

1800 CO and 2.i.c. attend Divisional Commander’s conference at Brigade HQ.

2nd October

Brigade HQ – NEAR FANO.

1200 Warning order received from G-2, 78 Division. Brigade Group is required to move at 1900 hrs, actual destination unknown but believed in a westerly direction and not to 5 Corps as thought.

The following units to be under command for composition of the Brigade Group:

2 Innisks, 2 LIR, 1 RIrF, D Coy 1 Kensingtons, 17 Field Regiment RA, 254 A/Tk Battery, 280 LAA Battery, 214 Field Company, 57 Coy RASC, 152 Field Ambulance.

1530 Brigade Commander leaves Fano to report to 13 Corps HQ.

1900 Brigade Group leaves Fano.

Owing to the lateral roads from Ancona being out, it was necessary to route the Brigade Group through Foligno to Assisi where they staged.

2000 Brigade Commander arrives at Foligno where he stayed the night at No 1 District HQ.


Orders at 1400 hrs for bttn to move at 1900 hrs to divisional concentration area Firenzuola. CO and IO ahead.

2 Innisks – ASSISI.

0800 The bttn arrived and a meal is cooked and orders to move at 1200 hrs were issued.

1000 The Commanding Officer and the Intelligence Officer commanding Support Company move to Firenzuola as advance party.

2000 Advance party arrives at Firenzuola. The Brigade Commander informs them that the brigade is taking over a sector from 88th United States Division at Castel del Rio.


0700 Bttn PT Parades.

0800 Brigade RC Church Parade.

1300 Bttn warned for probable move forward on morning of 4th October.

1400 Bttn now ordered to move at 1900 hrs. Advance party plus CO’s forward recce party to move off at 1430 hrs.

First stage – Assisi. Route – coast road to Pescara then inland along lateral road. Intention – to relieve US troops north of Firenzuola, thus extending British 13 Corps left lank.

2100 Brigade convoy moved off. Column travelled all night.

3rd October

Brigade HQ.

0400 Brigade convoy arrives at Foligno.

Brigade Commander leaves No 1 District HQ for 13 Corps HQ. The route taken by the convoy was extremely dangerous in places and needed very careful driving. In addition, it rained very heavily until about 0300 hrs delaying the time of the convoy even more.

0700 Brigade convoy arrives at 1st Staging Area at Assisi W 8787.

1130 Brigade Commander arrives at 13 Corps HQ and receives his orders.

The situation is as follows. 78 Division has been quickly switched under command of 13 Corps. 78 Division is to take over from elements of 88th US Division to allow them to concentrate their forces for a push down the road to Castel del Pietro on the main Bologna road from Castel del Rio M 008165.

Probable future role of 78 Division is to push down the road to Imola from Castel del Rio.

38 (Irish) Brigade is to take over positions from two battalions of 351 Infantry Regiment in the area in front of Carseggio M 0118 and on Monte Capella M 0317.

1300 Brigade Commander goes to HQ 88th US Division to receive more detailed orders.

1200 Brigade convoy leaves Assisi W 8787 for next staging area at Incisa Q 9555.

1600 Brigade Commander leaves 88th US Infantry Division to go to HQ 351 Infantry Regiment. He was unable to reach their HQ owing to the blockage of traffic on the road. However, he met the Brigade Commander, 1 Guards Brigade and clarified the situation with him. Elements of 1 Guards Brigade are established on Monte Battaglia L 0617 and will be on the right flank of the brigade.

1800 Bttn Recce Groups including COs arrive at Tac HQ.

1900 Brigade Group arrives at Incisa Q 9555 and settles down for the night.

1 RIrF.

Stage Assisi.

2 Innisks – FIRENZUOLA.

1400 The bttn arrives at Firenzuola and is allotted an area.


0600 Convoy halted in the Assisi area until midday.

1300 Convoy moved off north to second stage at Ficline.

Bttn spent night in brickwork factory 2 ½ miles north of Ficline.

4th October

Brigade HQ.

0800 Brigade Commander, COs of three battalions and their Coy Commanders leave Tac HQ. All go to HQ 351 Infantry Regiment (88th US Division) to arrange for the takeover of their positions.

Lt Col Bredin, 2 LIR, goes off with his O Group to the battalion (II/351) on Monte Capella M 0317.

Lt Col Scott goes to I Bttn, 351 Infantry Regiment with his Coy Commanders to recce the area. Only one coy of 2 Innisks are to be deployed for the time being. Brigade Commander visits Commander 1 Guards Brigade to arrange the link up between the two flanks and returns to HQ 88th US Division for a conference at 1550 hrs.

The conference was to tie up the final arrangements between 78th and 88th Divisions regarding the take over and future operations. The main issue, brought up by the Brigade Commander, was the question of the diversion at San Andrea 003142. It was so steep and long that unless a vehicle had a four wheel drive chain, it will not get up in bad weather. This might seriously hamper operations. To combat this, 42 GMC 6 tonners were to be exchanged for ordinary 3 tonners in order to get supplies right forward preparatory to the take over. This was especially necessary as all our ammunition had to be taken up as we were not able to take over existing American stocks and dumps.

1600 Brigade convoy arrives at concentration area at Firenzuola and Scarperia 8714. Only 2 Innisks, 2 LIR and 214 Field Company came forward into the Firenzuola area owing to the shortage of space. The areas had to be chosen carefully, especially with regard to the transport, so that they would not become bogged in the sea of mud.

The Brigade Group arrived in groups of 50 vehicles owing to the congestion on the roads and everyone was complete in their respective areas by morning.

1 RIrF.

Arrived at bttn area about 5 miles south of Firenzuola at 2200 hrs.

2 Innisks – FIRENZUOLA.

1000 The Bttn O Group moves to Castel del Rio preparatory to take over from 88th United States Division.


0700 Brigade convoy moved off. Ultimate destination – Firenzuola (9106). Route – Pontassieve (9468)–Borgo San Lorenzo (9188)–Scarperia (9293).

1300 Bttn arrive in area Firenzuola.

1500 2.i.c. and Adjutant held O Group on administration for the move to forward areas the following day.

Coy Commanders went up to forward area to join CO’s Recce Group.

5th October


0600 Brigade Group now complete.

0900 Brigade Commander goes to HQ 88th Division at Castel del Rio 0016 to see Commanding General.

1000 RASC Jeep Platoon and 12 American 6 tonners arrive to assist in transporting supplies.

1100 Brigade Commander orders Lt Col Horsfall to meet him at 88th US Divisional HQ for orders. The 1 RIrF are to take over from 111/351 Regiment in the area M0020 tomorrow night. 2 Innisks are to put two companies into position instead of one.

1300 Brigade HQ moves. Main HQ now established at Valsava M004134.

1400 Heavy rain during the afternoon and evening.

1800 2 Innisks and 2 LIR leave area Castel del Rio and go forward to take up positions.

2230 Two coys of 2 Innisks in position. Location as follows:

C Coy: Platoons at 013138, 015181, 014177.

A Coy: Platoons at 023177, 018178, 014178.

Standing patrols at 010185 and 024176.

Bttn HQ, 2 Innisks established at 007166 (Castel del Rio).

1 RIrF.

Orders for move forward to take over position from II Battalion 351 Regiment. Recce party forward.

Sgt KB Hanssen rejoined unit.

2 Innisks – FIRENZUOLA.

0800 IO and Signal Officer proceed to Castel del Rio to allot billets for Bttn HQ.

C and A Coys proceed to take over positions from 88th US Division.

B and D Coys are to remain in reserve.

The bttn area is the defence of the Carseggio ridge.

2100 C and A Coys report take over complete.


0630 Preparations for move forward.

1200 US Trucks carried personnel and supplies to forward Admin HQ at Castel Del Rio (006167). Afternoon spent loading supplies etc onto coy mule teams.

1730 Bttn moved off by route march to forward positions. E Coy leading, followed by Bttn HQ, Mortar Platoon and remaining 3 coys. Bttn MG Platoon not to be used yet. MMG support provided by 1 Kensingtons.