Brigade HQ – TERMOLI.

0500 1 RIrF reported by 788770 intact and no mines. South of bridge impassable to tanks and probably also for infantry.

0510 2 LIR reported quiet night and nothing to report.

0518 6 Innisks reported quiet night.

0720 6 Innisks reported information from Italian civilians estimated 300 enemy with tanks in Montenero ((7082)

1200 Bombline today Montenero (7082) – Montecilfone (7066) – Casacalenda (7048).

1250 38 Brigade requested aircraft target Montenero station (H7081). Target accepted 1515hrs. 2 LIR reported Sinarca bridge not blown but culvert 100 yards north west blow. Desultory enemy shelling of Bttn areas all day. 2 LIR locations: HQ 820782, E Coy 808782, F Coy 818782, G Coy 804708, H Coy 810785. Support Coy under Brigade arrangements.

1500 6 Innisks reported all quiet. Bttn HQ (Main and Tac) closed at …and opened same time at 823780 in Termoli. The house occupied was formerly HQ of Kampfgruppe Rau.

1600 2 LIR reported desultory shelling of Bttn areas. Patrols to farm 7878 – 7978 reported all clear of enemy. Recce made of T Sinarca.

2020 Brigade Group artillery shelled vehicle concentration area Station Di Montenero (H7081) with good results.

2300 1 RIrF report all quiet. 12 CTR reverted to be under command 1 Canadian Infantry Division. Summary of patrol report 8/9 October issued. Bttns informed that area Brickworks and Termoli Railway Station would not be occupied after 12 CTR vacated these areas without authority from Brigade HQ. 

1 RIrF.

0500 Stand to and defensive patrols out on coy front.

0630 Italian civilian reported presence of Germans behind a ridge approximately one mile in front of C Coy’s position, German artillery strafed area.

1430 A Coy sent patrol to report on area between them and area of coast road immediately to their front (MR780773). They were mortared 400 yards west of objective but saw no enemy.

1510 C Coy sent patrol to area in front of them (objective: MR766758), but saw no enemy.

Intermittent shelling of area in front of B Coy.

No casualties.

2330 Recce: Patrol under 2/Lt Phillips investigated ridge in front of C Coy’s position but found no enemy (MR760741).

Stand to and defensive positions.

Fusilier John Jones, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

6 Innisks – SAN GIACOMO.

The day passed quietly with spasmodic shelling being the only enemy activity. Coys were able to check and improve their positions. The CO, whose head wound proved to be only superficial, came from Termoli to visit the Bttn.

2 LIR.

0100 Battle Patrol (SS Pl) of 7 other ranks to make contact (if possible) with the enemy. Patrol reached area 155/762787. No contact made.

0545 Commanding Officer and RA (Royal Artillery) Officer to Command Post.

1000 Patrol of SS Platoon commanded by Lt HND Seymour crossed the River Sinacre to make contact with enemy. Patrol searched houses along Rly (Railway) line running NW, nothing was found. Information from civilians say that German troops were in the vicinity, dressed in civilian clothes. Patrol found two suspects, killed them and documents revealed that one belonged to the 1 Battalion/64 Panzer Grenadier Regiment and the other to the second Battalion of the same regiment.

1000 Patrol of three men sent to Bridge (155/789771).

1730 Standing Patrol of one Platoon (G Company) established in area of bridge to prevent enemy attempts to destroy it.

W/Lieutenant TWH Wilson rejoined the Battalion from hospital.

T/Capt K Neely & W/Capt LJ Samuels, RAMC, Mentioned in Despatches.

A/CSM J Hamilton & A/Sergeant E Mayo awarded the MM.

The following other ranks were Mentioned in Despatches:

W/CQMS C Jones, A/Sergeant H Donaghy, MM, W/Cpl J Holden, W/Cpl J Walsh, W/Cpl H Butler, Rfn J Dowding, Rfn P Salmon.

The following deceased other ranks were Mentioned in Despatches:

Cpl J Hamilton, Lance Corporal A Doherty, Lance Corporal F McDonald, Rfn R Linihan.