1 RIrF.

A quiet day in the same area. The men were allowed to go into town.

Major HEN Bredin MC joined the battalion as 2.i.c.

Captain DEH Hayward was promoted a/Major wef 22 Sept 1943.

Captain WG Dunn was promoted A/Major wef 23 Sept 1943.

Lieut L Franklyn-Vaile was promoted A/Captain wef 6 Sept 1943, and appointed 2.i.c B Coy.

Lieut MC Trousdell was promoted A/Captain wef 22 Sept 1943.

Captain RF Hodsall A Coy is posed to S Coy and assumed command.

Lieut LW Hutchison B Coy is posted to A Coy.

Lieut DE Thomason B Coy is posted to HQ Coy, and appointed IO vice Captain L Franklyn-Vaile.

2200 Transport arrives at Divisional Transport are 12 miles out of Termoli.

6 Innisks – BARLETTA.

Troops allowed in town until 1300hrs.

1500 Standing by to move.

1700 ‘No move’ order came through and clothes were dried. Warning orders received for move the following morning.

2 LIR.

Battalion allowed into Barletta from 0830-1200 hrs. Brigadier in Battalion area. Adjutant visited docks re embarkation.

1700 Lieutenant F Lyness & Company representatives transported Battalion stores to TLCs

W/Lieutenant JH Barker admitted hospital.