Brigade HQ.

0730 2 LIR reported in defensive positions area Grazebrook Farm. No enemy shelling reported.

1400 6 Innisks captured two PoWs identified 3 Coy, 79 Panzer Grenadier Regiment area Farm 624788 1100hrs.

A report of this patrol is attached.

Patrols night 29/30 October see Sitrep 1700hrs.

1700 Situation on Brigade front see Sitrep.

2 LIR took over 6 Innisks’ positions west of River Trigno during night 30/31 October.

1800 Owing to the changeover of Bttns, 2 LIR will undertake patrols planned by 6 Innisks. Major FFK Ball DCLI posted to No 1 Advanced Army Reinforcement Unit. Foggia (Authority 5 Corps MS.78 Division A/730 dated 30 October). Major AW Gibbon A & SH relinquished appointment as acting Brigade Major to undertake the reorganisation of 1 RIrF. Major HFW Holmes R IrF posted to this HQ from 5 Corps vice Major AW Gibbon.

An appreciation of the enemy defence of San Salvo issued.

1 RIrF.

Major AW Gibbon assumed command. Bttn started to reorganise. Captain EE Rawlings joined as RMO.

Fusilier James Henderson, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

6 Innisks – RIVER TRIGNO.

Acting on civilian reports, B Coy sent out a patrol to a neighbouring farm and brought in two prisoners of 79 PGR driving back more of the enemy patrol.

1815 Bttn was relieved on the bridgehead by LIR and withdrew to a position on the east side of the River Trigno and north of the crossing.

Fusilier Frank Oldham, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

2 LIR.

1100 Battalion warned for move across the River Trigno to relieve the 6 Innisks who are to be attached to 36 Brigade for the second attack on San Salvo.

1130 CO’s “O” Group. Companies to move across the river tonight.

1300 Confirmation of the Brigade move across the River Trigno.

1730 G Company cross river take up positions area 527795.

1800 E & H Companies cross the river. E Company 630159. H Company 633802.

1830 F Company and Battalion HQ move to positions xxxx

F Company 631790. Battalion HQ 634790.

Rifleman Frederick Anscombe, London Irish Rifles.