War Diaries – 26th October 1943

Brigade HQ.

0540 1 RIrF reported patrols confirmed enemy position 604816. Patrol attacked pt115 (627759). MG fire heard from area 6081 and 6481 during night and small position located 610820.

0600 6 Innisks and 2 LIR nothing to report during night.

1000 Brigade Commander and IO returned to main Brigade HQ from recce.

1115 1 RIrF reported enemy shelling area 652792 from 1100 to 1110.

1305 2 LIR reported 6 FW 190s bombed area 656798 at 1330hrs.

1330 6 Innisks in Montenero (6474) attacked by 8-12 FW 190s. No casualties or damage.

1920 Division and 11 and 36 Brigades and Brigade Group informed Brigade HQ closing present locations. 2100hrs opening same time at Convent near Petacciato (712792).

Tac HQ opens same time 663789.

2320 RIrF reported enemy battery concentration on bridge and road area 6379.

38 Brigade OO No 29 issued amendment No 1 to above issued.

Brigadier N Russell DSO MC issued to ADS.

Lieut Col N Grazebrook DSO CO of 6 Innisks took over command 38 Brigade.

Lieut A McI Smyth RIrF posted to 1 RIrF.

Lieut GMJ Chambers RIrF posted to this HQ from 1 RIrF as IO vice Lieut A McI Smyth

Captain JFS Griffin EME admitted 152 Field Ambulance and evacuated CCS following M/C accident.

1 RIrF.

1400 O Group at Bttn HQ. Orders for a readjustment of positions preparatory to an attack on San Salvo. This was a recce of new positions.

1700 Lieut HL Hutchison and 2 men went to recce a Start Line for the Bttn in the area of pt42 – 6181. The patrol lost its way and had to return.

2100 D Coy and carriers relieved by 6 Innisks.

2200 C Coy to 622793. D Coy to 628797.

2210 B Coy relieved by 2 LIR and moved to 623799.

Carrier platoon 4 3 Mortars and 3 MGs moved into position in support of coys across river.

Lieut DF Thomason rejoined from hospital.

Lieut A McI Smyth rejoined from 38 (Irish) Brigade.

Lieut CMJ Chambers posted to Brigade.

6 Innisks – MONTENERO.

1030 O Group – 8 A & SH to relieve us from Montenero, 6 Innisks to take over from 2 LIR, A Coy to come under command 1 RIrF.

The changeover to be effected

A Coy + 2 MMG and 2 Mortars with D Coy, 1 RIrF.

B Coy + 2 MMG, 2 Mortars and 2 A/Tk guns  – G Coy 2 LIR.

Bttn HQ to change to Bttn HQ 2 LIR.

C Coy + 1 A/Tk change with F Coy 2 LIR.

D Coy + 2 Mortars change with E Coy 2 LIR.

C Coy to remain in Montenero until two coys 8 A & SH arrive.

Montenero again bombed with effect.

1430 Marching personnel, less C Coy moved off. Transport waited until dusk in order to avoid observation.

1730 Take over from LIR completed. A Coy moved down to 1 RIrF position on River Trigno after dusk and came under their command.

Brigadier was taken sick and CO assumed temporary command of Brigade; Major Bryar taking command of Bttn.

2 LIR.

0600 Brigadier’s “O” Group at Battalion HQ.

0800 Intelligence Sgt recce route from Battalion area to 1 RIrF thence down to the River Trigno. W/Lieutenant JA Hunter admitted to hospital.

1100 CO’s “O” Group. Battalion to move across the River. W/Lieutenant HND Seymour awarded the MC.

1200 Eight enemy fighters – Bombers (FW 190s) bomb and strafe same area as yesterday.

1730 E Company, Battle Patrol, Intelligence Section, F & G Companies cross River Trigno in that order. As there had been no rain the river was only about 1 foot deep.

1745 Battalion HQ move to area 649805.

1815 Heavy enemy shelling of River diversion and Bridge lasting for 5 minutes.

1830 All Companies but H Company across the river and established in defence positions. E Company 638811. F Company 633809. G Company 629805. Battle Patrol and Intelligence Section 633804. Companies dig in. Intermittent enemy shelling on Bridge, Diversion and Wood 5380 during the night. No casualties. The enemy constantly shelved the Diversion while our vehicles were crossing the River but none were hit. One Carrier was bogged after crossing. It was not possible for all Company tpt to return across the River owing to the slippery nature of the ground & the coming light.