Brigade HQ.

0035 1 RIrF reported spasmodic shell fire in gully 633791 and on road.

0123 Commander 1 RIrF requested RE to commence work immediately on crater at 634793, because otherwise impossible to get A/Tk guns forward.

0220 RE informed of 1 RIrF request and RE replied matter in hand.

0530 2 LIR patrol reported no contact with enemy. 2 LIR contacted Recce patrol to river for crossings found two probable crossings 400 yards north east of bridge and another approximately one mile north east. Intervening ground impossible owing to high banks. South west of bridge, good crossing for quarter mile.

0615 1 RIrF reported that forward companies had patrolled 1000 yards towards San Salvo and searched all farms and houses without contact. Situation on brigade front see Sitrep.

0800 6 Innisks reported no enemy activity on their front. Enemy shelling and MG fire head on right flank.

1 RIrF reported enemy M/C combination, came down San Salvo road and was stopped by SAA fire at 628803. The driver and M/C combination escaped but the passenger was captured. Identified as 9 Coy Panzer Group Regiment.

1100 Division ordered that no vehicles other than essential recce parties, staff cars or jeeps will move forward of road junction 712802, except of hours of darkness.

1700 6 Innisks reported one A/Tk in position.

1900 Situation on brigade front – see Sitrep.

2020 6 Innisks reported 5 A/Tk guns in position.

1 RIrF.

0530 Enemy patrol bumped into C Coy MG fire exchanged. No casualties.

0750 An enemy M/C ran into C Coy’s position and the rider was captured. He was from 9 Coy 11/79 PGR. 

1830 A very heavy enemy artillery concentration on area between Bttn HQ and road.

2030 Patrol of NCO and 2 men from Battle Patrol went to area Long Farm 620804.

There had been intermittent shelling of our positions during the day but the night was quiet.

6 Innisks – MONTENERO.

Fire plan coordinated at first light. . No enemy activity on our immediate front but some shelling was observed to our north. The task of clearing the enemy mines was continued and completed by the pioneer platoon and a detachment of REs. At night, a patrol was sent to establish a position on high ground H6375 and to observe river line.

2 LIR.

0730 Brigadier at Battalion HQ. Lieutenant JD White & A/Captain JA St Maur Sheil admitted to hospital.

1000 CO’s “O” Group.

8th Indian Division on 78th Division left flank take Palata.

1930 IO & 2 in C recce River Trigno for Battalion forming up area and crossing. Returned at 0200 25th. No suitable places found.

2000 Battle Patrol commanded by Sgt Stalker crossed River Trigno to make contact with enemy, if any, in area 630830. Returned at 0300. No contact.