War Diaries – 21st October 1943

Brigade HQ.

0330 6 Innisks moved from area San Giacomo to area Colle di Breccia.

Bttn HQ located at 695766.

0530 6 Innisks RV area cemetery (H7178).

0730 2 LIR patrol to pt123 (H7479) contacted enemy post. Patrol exchanged fire without loss, believed one enemy car casualty.

1000 56 Recce Regiment report pt195 clear.

1130 56 Recce reported party of 12 Germans seen digging south of Montenero and seen carrying timber to diggings.

1220 56 Recce Regiment reported two enemy guns 652757 now being fired on by own artillery.

1300 56 Recce Regiment reported enemy still in Montenero strength estimated 60. Digging party dispersed.

1500 Brigade HQ closed at present location and reopened same time at Road House Farm (752783).

1800 Situation on Brigade front see Sitrep.

2150 6 Innisks reported enemy shelling area pt263 (6976). 1945-2015hrs.

1 RIrF.

1500 O Group, at which the CO gave orders for the Bttn to move forward to Petaciatto.

2230 Bttn moved.

Captain MC Trousdell admitted to hospital.

Lieut CMF Chambers joined the Bttn.

6 Innisks – SAN GIACOMO.

0330 A, B, D and Bttn HQ left San Giacomo by MT for forward assembly area at Petacciato.

Arrived at Petacciato at approximately 0500hrs.

At first light, CO went forward to recce new area.

0800 CO met Brigadier.

1015 CO O Group and Recce.

1345 Bttn moved up to new position by march route and coys commenced digging in. Bttn established at H6976.

1700 A few enemy shells came over, but caused no damage.

2000 Captain Duddington took out a patrol of one platoon strength.


T/Major G Phillips posted to Battalion and 22 ORs from 111 IRTD.

Brigade Comdr at Battalion HQ. W/Lieutenant HND Seymour admitted to hospital.

6 Innisks pass through Battalion lines during the early morning and established themselves on the Battalion’s left flank. Their Battalion HQ established at Pt 263/694766.

1930 German prisoner of war from 1/64 Panzer Grenadier Regiment. Evacuated to ADS.

Patrol of one Pl comd by Lieutenant White accompanied by Sappers. To ascertain if Bridge 6378 (over River Trigno) was mined. The Patrol had a sharp engagement with enemy in the vicinity of the bridge. Sappers found no charges or mines in the bridge area.