Brigade HQ.

0500 6 Innisks reported quiet night. 2 LIR reported slight shelling.

0920 6 Innisks patrol to area 6876 made no contact but found no crashed American aircraft at 685760. Pilot could not be found. 2 LIR patrol to area 6679 made no contact, no enemy seen.

1000 56 Recce Regiment reported being on Colle Di Breccia and preparing for second task (Montenero). Local report that all enemy evacuated Montenero last night. Civilians evacuating Montenero to our lines.

1055 56 Recce Regiment reported pt195 (6874) issued.

1120 56 Recce Regiment OP reported having seen two enemy in Montenero.

1125 56 Recce Regiment reported pt190 (6872) clear. Large enemy vehicles including tanks seen in Montenero. Enemy shelling 696762 at 1230hrs.

1315 56 Recce Regiment reported contact with their patrol 1215hrs at 672722.

Enemy withdrew. Two demolitions observed going up south of Montenero.

1700 Situation on Brigade front see Sitrep.

1935 Orders for move of 6 Innisks issued.

1 RIrF.

Bttn patrol. Nothing of importance occurred.

6 Innisks – SAN GIACOMO.

Bttn not at short notice any further. Training notes sent to coys for a short period of training.

Major Norman went to Brigade HQ to act as Staff Captain. Major Little took over command of S Coy.

1900 CO returned from Brigade HQ with orders for move that night.

2000 O Group conference. A, B, D and Bttn HQ move at 0330hrs to area 263. C Coy and A/Tk to move the following day.

2 LIR.

 8th Army Comdr, Div & Brigade Comdrs visit Bn area. Battalion supply escort of one sec to accompany them to FUP.

1045 Heavy enemy Arty barrage on Petacciato lasting 10 minutes.

Section OP at F Companies HQ in Town Hall report 8 guns firing on bearing 2908 Mag. Arty say guns are too far away for counter battery fire. No casualties.

18 ORs posted to Battalion from X2 list.

T/Capt DHM Davies admitted to hospital.